How To Play Soccer: Post Race
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Play against a friend in this simple soccer game to see who scores the highest.


Speaker: Game #12, Post Race. Scoring for the Post Race game is as you saw in an earlier drill, two points are scored for each score between the cone and the post, and one point is scored for shots down the center of the goal, no points are scored if the shots misses the goal. Both players start on a goalpost, on the whistle. Doug and Janine race to the first ball. The first player to reach the ball becomes the offensive player, and the other becomes the defensive player. Then they play one-on-one until either a goal is scored, or the defender wins the ball. Both players reset by starting at the posts. You must be quick to the ball to score points. Race for the ball when the whistle sounds. Try to get off a quick shot before the defense can get in position. If you lose control of the ball, its easily won by the defender. The first player to score five goals wins the game. For more competition, play a playoff version of Post Race. The player who wins four out of seven games is the playoff champion.