How To Play Soccer: Chip & Catch
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Play this game with a friend in order to improve long passing and shooting accuracy.


Speaker: Game #26, Chip & Catch. The object of the Chip & Catch game is to loft the ball in the air to your opponent's grid. In order for you to score a point, the other player must be able to catch the ball, with at least one foot staying inside their grid. The goal here is to chip the ball with both accuracy and height. A chipped ball does no good if it is not high enough to get over a defender. This is why the ball must reach your opponent's grid in the air to score a point. As we look at this in slow motion, we see Janine's feet land outside the grid. This will not count as a point for Doug. The first player to score 5 points wins the game. Game #27, Dribble Chip & Catch. Instead of chipping a still ball, take one or two dribbles as Janine and Doug are doing here. Keep score; with the first player to 5 winning the game.