How to Play Only God Knows Why by Kid Rock Part 2
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Free and Easy Guitar with Aaron Gallagher Presents: Learn how to Play Only God Knows Why by Kid Rock Part 2


The bridge actually goes to a C minor which is a bar chord across the bottom five strings on the fourth fret, your middle finger on the fifth fret goes on the B string, which is your second string up from the bottom, and then the two middle strings, your ring and pinky are going to go on the sixth fret. B minor sounds like this… or C minor, C sharp minor I’m sorry… sounds like that. So for the bridge you’re going to play C sharp minor… down, down, up, down, down, up, up, down, up, down, and then you’re going to go now to the F sharp five which, that just means your pointer finger’s on the second fret of your low E, ring and pinky are on the fourth fret of you’re a and D and you just play that for two measures like... So just play that for down, down, up, up, switch to an E, down, up, down, up, down, because the C sharp minor is for a full measure… and then the F sharp if for a half of one, and the E is for half… then starts to back up to the C sharp minor… and then it goes to this F sharp five for… to an A, ok. So C sharp minor, full measure… F sharp five, and you know, make sure you look at the tabs in the info box. Click on more info. My tabs are always, and links to the chords are always in the info box so that’s where, for every video, alright. So you play the F sharp five for half measure… to an E for half measure… back to C sharp minor for a full measure… to the two… the two, four, four, just the extra five… to an A. Alright, the guitar solo, you can just play an E… with the same strum pattern from the beginning… to B… to a D, with this high E open, so it’s D sus two, so D without the high E, high E would be open, so… to an A… back to E… ok. The second bridge, it’s about, occurs about two minutes and 31 seconds. All this is on this tab, so make sure you look at the tab. It says second bridge, two minutes and 31 seconds. Ok, it goes C sharp minor like before… but this F sharp five is for a whole measure… ok, so instead of earlier way… this time we’re just going… back to C sharp… alright, so that’s the second bridge. The chorus is there and the bridge I believe is... I’m sorry for the last chorus of four minutes and 17 seconds, it goes E… to B… to A… to E, just like all the other times… second time through goes E… to that D with the high E open… back to A… to the E… so in the chorus, that starts at four minutes and 17 seconds, the first time through is E, B, A, E, like every other chorus. The second time through E, D sus two, A, E. So you substitute that B there at the second chord for a D sus two which is on the tab. The altro is just E… to a D… a regular D with the high E second fret… to an A… so I hope that helps guys. Phil man, stay strong. I think you’re going to inspire a lot of people with your video once we, or with your story once we get it up on the website. So take care guys. Happy thanksgiving and good luck.