How to Play Major Guitar Scale Sequences in Threes
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Learn how to play major scale sequences in threes! With this guitar lesson you will learn about sequences and how they can help your guitar playing. Get instant access to FREE Secret Guitar Lessons at

Transcript; the number one in guitar lessons on line! [Demonstration] Okay, so what I just did was I took an A major scale and sequenced it in threes and all that means is I took the first note; started there, played the next two notes, [Demonstration] then I started on the second note of the scale; played that note [Demonstration] and two more [Demonstration]. And then you go start in the third note of the scale. [Demonstration] Play two more notes [Demonstration] and start on the fourth note; play two notes above that as well [Demonstration] and so on, start on the fifth then play two more— [Demonstration] So you can do this picking every note or again you could do it with your legato technique on your left hand. If you pick every note, be aware of your alternate picking and since we have groups of three in this lesson on this particular sequence, remember that every time you start the sequence over, you’re going to be starting with a different stroke than you started with the last time. So if I started with a down stroke for the first three notes. [Demonstration] The next note I would start with an up stroke [Demonstration] and so on; start with the down on the next [Demonstration] and start with an up. [Demonstration] Okay, so this is just a regular moveable major scale shape that we’re using so if you wanted to do a sequence of thirds in the key of B, you would just move your index finger; you’re starting finger up from the fifth fret to the seventh fret and then you’d be in the key of B major. [Demonstration] Make it practice your sequencing if there’s only two of B major just like this. [Demonstration] So move the shape around; play it all over the fret board and get it under your fingers really good.