How to Play Internet Radio on Standard MP3 Players
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on how to play internet radio on standard MP3 players.


Robbie Ferguson: So, usually guys how you can go about recording internet radio so that you can listen to it on your iPod or on you Mp3 player. I love listening to internet radio. I found my favorite list of online stations if you’ve ever used ShowCast. It is awesome to be able to go through and find all these radio stations that you can listen to online. Some of them are real like FM radio stations that broadcast as well online for their site viewers and things like that. And then some of them are actual internet based radio stations like DI.FM very cool service, Sky.FM is part of that also. So there are some great services out there and it is just tapping into those and being able to listen to them so. You are not always at your computers so you don’t know that we access to listening to those stations. So what I set up to do is just sign up nice little applications for you so that you can do this to yourself and be able to record this live internet radio station onto your computers as Mp3 files and then be able to transfer them to your Mp3 player or iPod. So you click on resources and then you go to Linux scripts over here, you see currently it’s down at the bottom. This is just alphabetical program called radio2mp3. If you right click on the download link and go save link as or just throw that on your desktop if you will or wherever you like. You click save. It’s very, very tiny files so it is going be pretty much instantaneous. Once you got that on your desktop just right click on that file and go to properties, permissions and just check off where it says allow executing file as program and then hit close. Now because another GY program we are going to have to jump in the terminal, no problem made it nice and easy for you. So at your terminal front just go CD, Desktops, or where ever you put it. Remember it’s case sensitive so type Desktops./radio2mp3 or just push RA and then tab to finish it off. When you ran that you are going to see online streaming radio2mp3 converter and also added a feature #5 there if you want to burn it to a CDs that’s why actually create a CD for you and will actually prompt you for a CD. So, when you choose how big you want to create a file so if you got like to say 256 megabyte Mp3 player you can choose option #3 and then you can choose what genre you like to listen to. So, you can choose same rhythm and dance and then enter which station you want and we put in just a brief description of each station. So, we want Pulse radio from France, we can click on #1 and a bit of a bug. So 1.2 will be out tomorrow but that is simple as it is most of the time. Oh! You know what it is I never installed Streamripper. I should have told you to do that. We need two applications and when you’re on our websites you are going to see that we need those two applications, Streamripper is the big one. Let’s just go right back there. I would have helped that, I am usually on my production system but this time I am on the demo system. First time I had run it on there. If you look at the text on radio2mp3 on our website, you see the two programs that are required, Streamripper and MPEG123. So, just back up a little and just go sudo apt-get so, pretend we did this first. Install Streamripper which is program that I have used to actually copy the stream from the live feed and then MPEG123. Those two applications are required in order to make this happen and once those were installed. This is apt-get so it is a command line version of that’s an apt-get package manager, so to speak and you can also do them trough Synaptic Package Manager if you prefer. So, once you have done that it will actually log on to that feed as a listener just to say if you were like listening to that feed and it is going to save them the track, the recording to Mp3. If you create CD as opposed to an Mp3 file it will actually break up your track as well as on the CD so that you can skipped over the next song and things like or figure out which one are your favorite songs. So, that is very very cool. So, that’s a little bit of the cool applications for you, totally free. Visit our website Carrie Webb: I have a question about that Robbie. If you’re listening online can you record a song that you hear? Robbie Ferguson: Using that app? You could use Streamripper to do that. This application is more and the reason that you couldn’t used this it is because it actually skips over the first song because if you started this application half way through a song you would only get half of that song. So that would just be disappointing if it wasn’t the right song, right? So it actually waits until the next song before it starts recording. So, I kind of flag that trough, but you could use Streamripper. So if you look the source code you can learn how to do that. That’s pretty straightforward or just once you have been installed Streamripper just type streamripper—help. Cool?? It’s neat because you can actually download internet based stations but what is different about this versus Streamripper. Streamripper you need to know the stream at URL where this I’ve kind of free program over a bunch of different radio stations and all different genres and I will be maintaining that list. So, if anyone has a station that they like to add to that they can just kind of email me, and now consider at its list as well.