How to Play Guitar Major Scale Sequences in Fours
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Learn how to play major scale sequences in fours! With this guitar lesson you will learn about sequences and how they can help your guitar playing. Get instant access to FREE Secret Guitar Lessons at

Transcript—the number on name in guitar lessons online. [Demonstration] Okay. This lesson is going to involve sequencing a major guitar scale with groups of four. So if you know this A major shape right here— [Demonstration] That’s the scale we are going to be using to learn how to sequence and four’s. So all you are going to do is come down to the fifth fret with your middle finger. Play that note and play from A major scale. Up from there, play the first four notes. [Demonstration] And take the second note of the scale on the 7th fret of your 6th string. Start there with your pinky; play the next four notes on the scale. Start on the 3rd note of the scale—on you’re a string on the 4th fret and play the next four notes. And take the 4th scale degree. The D on the A string; play the next four notes and so on, start on the 5th. [Demonstration] Okay. Once you get that on your fingers, work on going up and then coming back down as well. Something like this— [Demonstration] So you’ll notice that when you are sequencing in fours, every time you start a sequence over of your four notes. Every time you start that over, you’re going to be starting on a down stroke. That’s just the way it works out when you have an even number of notes in the sequence. So work on that going up with your picking, coming down with your picking and work on it playing legato and in this case if you have just an A major vamp that you’re working over, try using your sequencing in four’s with that and just move it all around and experiment with it. [Demonstration] Stuff like that.