How to Play Free Funk Guitar
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This week on the Guitar Tricks Channel we've got a free Funk guitar lesson. Neal shows you how to get down and get funky and also shares a tip of the week that can help keep your practicing fun.


Getting down, getting funky right here in the Guitar Tricks Channel, we got a new lesson for you this week. And a tip of the week for you right here. Also do taking breaks when you practice you know, you got really in a practicing you just I got to learn that lick, or I got to learn this new thing and you just playing and for hours and your body can get fatigue. So quick tip is remember when you do an hardcore practicing, or any practicing that’s descent like the time more than 20 minutes, half an hour, think about taking a break. Take a little walk, do some stretches, stretch your hand, stretch your arms, stretch your legs, it’s good to keep the blood circulating. We had one member on the guitar tricks website that said, I have been playing for so long that my leg went numb, what should I do? And that’s what happens when you're really passionate about your instruments. Tip of the week for you right here. We’ll move on to the lesson of the week it’s on funky guitar licks by Jolvian Dulk one of our instructors at guitar and he has got a serious of lessons on the funky style, so I’m going to show you some funky guitar licks right here on our next lesson. And it’s in using the D minor chord, so you should be using a minor 7th and minor 6th chord, for a funk groove kind of like Prince or James Brown. So here’s your basic E minor chord, and what we’re going to do is I’m just going to play the highest three strings. That note and that note and I’m going to add at the seventh which is the D right here on the A string. So I’m just going to change the fingering around and add the D right there, see I'm still playing the same two notes from the chord, I'm adding the D, and I’m also going to put my finger behind the D on the C sharp. So I will be muting a string with my left hand as I do a rhythm like this with my right hand. [Demonstration] There is a lesson on our guitar tricks channel on the YouTube site about a right hand technique, which helps gets you to mix up the down beats, and the up beats to get this kind of action going on, so if you referred to that they will help you to pick out the phase to get this down. And you can also have a little technique like sliding up to the chord like this— [Demonstration] And Joel takes off in a lessons, he goes—shows you other little tricks and bars you can do too to add to that, and different positions you can play it all over the fret board. It is really a cool lesson, and I hope that helps you gets you off rocking on down on your funky road right here. That is your lesson on the week here on the guitar tricks channel, come on by and give us a request we are taking request and we love to put a lesson together for you, so check us out on the YouTube site or on our Myspace site or at See you guys, have a great week.