How To Play Football: Team Block and Run
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Learn how to combine blocking and tackling fundamentals in the same drill.


[Music Playing] This is the drill we use to increase the speed of our defensive lineman called the fire out drill, to make sure that they go when the ball goes and they get good fire out. It is also a very good drill for conditioning. Okay gentlemen, set, hit. Set, hit. Okay guys, on the ball, on the ball, on the ball, go on the ball, okay, set, hit, hit, hit. Set, hit, hit, hit, hit. Coming back, on the ball, set, hit, hit, hit, hit. On the ball, set, hit, hit, hit, hit. To work on the offensive timing and firing it out, we will do the fire out drill, this time we go on a count, this is also a very good conditioning drill to get the offensive lineman to fire out on the ball. Numbers on two, on two, set, red 35, hit, hit. Numbers on three, numbers on three hit, red 28, hit, hit, hit. On life drainage, numbers on one, number on one hit, red 35, hit. Numbers on two, numbers on two hit, red 35, hit, hit.