How To Play Football: Tackling Fundamentals
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Learn all the basics of how to execute a proper tackle to avoid injury.


(Music Playing) Now before we start, we want to make sure that we get in good tackle position which is back straight, knees bend, you want your arms and put up fist under your arms like this and then as you come trough the ball carrier you want to stay low, strike, keep your head off to one side, right up here and drive trough okay. We do not want you to leave your feet okay do not want you to leave your feet. You give me just good form, walk up that has to be. Okay want to get your head of to one side, good wrap up. Okay Mat, this time I would like you to go just a little quicker stay low, back straight, tackle the dummy good, nice job. You are the ball carrier, you are the tackler, angle tackling just wrap up, come right to this point. Set hit, wrap up half speed hold it good nice job, come on back. You will notice how he stayed, he was low got his fist wrap up that way that nobody is going be able to break lose you keep your feet and you keep driving on through. Again, Mat set hit, past deep(ph), good just a little lower nice job. (Music Playing)