How To Play Football: Head to Head Tackling
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Learn how to practice a good drill for developing quick tackling reaction skills.


[Music Playing] One of the other drills that we like to do is what we call head to head. That gives us a chance for two ball players to get up and make a tackle without being too far away. This is a dangerous drill. If you take your ball players and put them 10 or 15 yards apart, that is not what the purpose of it is. We want people to get close; it is good drill to get loosen enough and get used to getting contact with. Here we go now, set, hit, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up right over the top. Wrap him up, bring him down, here we go, nice job. Ronald, in this drill you want to make sure that you have ball carrier run directly over the tackler. This a tackling drill, it is not a running drill. Set, hit, up, up, wrap up, hit on the side. Okay, keep that hand away from the faced mask. Here we go, set, hit, up, up, good. Right there. Right there. Good job both of you, both of you, nice job. Set, hit, up, up, wrap up, wrap him up. Got to get more in front, got to get more in front so that you got good form. Tackler you got to get a little lower. Hit, up easy there you go, that is it. Hold him, stand him off. Nice job. Nice job. [Music Playing]