How To Play Football: Form Tackling
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Learn how to tackle effectively and correctly to avoid injury.


[Music playing] Form tackling, one of the most important segments of the whole game because you cannot tackle in properly, you do not want to get your boys hurt or injured. There is a very proper way how to tackle. What you want to do is to have your boys in a good sports position as again this is good hitting position like we always are. Now you are going to be able to strike. Now, right before you hit your opponent, your player is to take his arms, double him up in the fist and pull him back, so now he is in a good striking position. As he hits his opponent, he is going to drive through the numbers, head up and as he hits the opponent, he is going to slide his head to one side. You do not want to teach your players to use their head as a weapon or as a spear, that is illegal, you must have your players keep their head and as they go to attack, head up, strike, head goes to one side through the numbers, arms come around, wrap up, feet stay wide and drive him through. Just walk through that about half speed on this dummy. Okay! He is in a good hitting position, comes up, arms back, strike, head goes to one side, drive thing through. Do not leave your feet, the problem with youth league tackles is that the player leaves his feet once that happens, the ball carrier is able to escape, spin lose, To keep the feet and drive through him through the numbers, you will have many more tackles made. It is time, if you go full speed into the dummy, keep your feet, just take the dummy and pick him up and drive through it. Set, hit, good, now, guys if you will, two lines, you are the ball carrier, you are the tackler, about right there about three yards out, stay low, stay in a good sports position, arms around, wrap up, keep your head and face on the front side, head up. Set hit, good, keep your feet and drive through him. Set, hit, head up, good, nice job, and wrap him up. Get just a little closer guys, this drill is not to meant to punish anybody at this point, this is form tackling, you want your players going hard but you do not want a lot of distance between them. The idea is to get the good wrap up form. Here we go, stay low Kelly. Set hit, wrap up, good, keep those thing and drive through him, okay? Set hit, wrap up, there we go, there is the case on where you did not wrap up, then get your feet and get your arms back very well. Here we go, next, set, hit, wrap up, got to get your head in front, got to get your head in front, you got to keep your head in front, got to keep your head in front, set, hit, wrap up, good right there, nice job. [Music playing]