How to Play DVD's in Windows XP's Media Player
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Tech advice and tips: in this video, you will learn how to play DVDs in Windows XP Media Player.


How to Play DVD's in Windows XP's Media Player Welcome to PCWizKids Tech Talk. Today, I wanted to show you how to enable playing DVD’s in Windows Media Player for those who have Windows XP. So if you don’t have a program to play DVD’s but you have the hardware and the codecs and it’s just a program that you need to play the DVD’s we can enable the media player by doing a registry tweak. So going to the regedit, the Registry Editor, we’re going to navigate it to a specific area of relating to the media player and enable this player to play DVD’s. I need you to navigate with me here. We’re going to open up and go to H key current user then scroll down the to software, then to Microsoft and expand that, scrolled all the way down to media player and expand that and then scroll down to player and expand that and then under the player you’ll find a key called settings, select that. Now on the right hand side you’ll see a bunch of strings already in there with some values. We’re going to create a new one. So right click and then go to new, string value and I need you to type in this very specific. It’s enableDVDUI okay, one word, no spaces, type that in and that’s going to give us the option to enable it. Now double click on that and then type in Yes for the value data and press okay. So now when you play a DVD or insert a DVD on your player you’ll be able to open them up in media player. Now I have media player Version 11 if you really old media player. I haven’t tested in that so I kept guarantee that it will work on every single version of media player but by now I’m hoping you would upgrade it to version 11. So as you could see here when I inserted a DVD it prompted to me to play the DVD with media player. So there you go. A quick registry edit allows you to open it up and play and you don’t need another program. So I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you for watching.