How to Play Catch with Your Kid
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Playing catch with your kid isn't as easy as it used to be. Balls aren't just balls anymore. So what's a well intentioned dad to do when he wants that perfectly cliche (but awesome) moment of fatherhood? Catch this video.


This week on Quality Time we are talking about our balls. So the football comes arching in, perfect spiral headed right from my youngest son's hands. Beautiful passing, sort of makes it closed up the light comes on and he quickly turned his back and lets the ball plunking and then he turns around and he picks it up off the ground and the most sort of upsetting part of it, is that the pass came from another boy not from me. A boy about his age which let me to realize that I need to play catch with my son. The good dad is out there throwing the ball with his kid but I don't need to tell you that, everybody knows that, that's a totally stupid not worthy of a video. We know that you are playing catch with your children, except for me. I always play catch with my older two kids, I have a standing, I will always say yes when the child ask me to play catch policy for a decade. Every time the kid has asked me no matter how fresh my cocktail is, if the kid says, I want to play catch dad I put it down. The problem I that my youngest son does not ask me to play catch, he asks to watch while I play sport. So, I am determined to play catch with my youngest son, I am going to do it. So I took him out the other day and we are going to play catch. So, I had a football like this, boom good nice tight hitting, right in there, boom and that the end of that game. So this is magical age between when they can walk and when they go off to participate in organized sports with their cones, and a guy with the mash bag, you know. Before that happens there is a time when you really should be playing catch with your kid and what I forgotten is you have to use the appropriate tools. You know get them learn, get something little squishy something that they can handle. I love those inflatable ones that are a little bit sticky, you know what I am talking about. The other thing you can do is go on alt ball or or something, just try a different. This is the Yackle ball, I like this one. The kids love to play Yackle ball and you know the great thing about this thing it takes the pressure off. You wanted to throw this thing in a spiral, you don't have to get it to loft 50 yards perfectly and hover from the air. Anyway you chuck this thing it's a win. As long as it hits me somewhere that's funny and makes them laugh. We are talking about balls earlier. A little soccer ball, because kicking is so much easier and more satisfying to those little that age kids, that just post toddler, pre-school age kid can boot the ball like crazy and just it's as satisfying and you don't have to hold like, I missed and it hit me and gave me a concussion. And as long as it looks like the ball that their big brother plays with, it's totally satisfying to these younger kids. You have got to find this squishy ball. Why don't you go to and join the conversation there with me about what kind of ball is best to play with your younger kid. What's really work for you in the backyard in your experience with your kid. That's all for this week on Quality Time.