How to Play CAGED Guitar Sequence with Arpeggios
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Learn how to play the CAGED guitar sequence with arpeggios in this guitar lesson! The CAGED arpeggios will give you tons of guitar soloing ideas! Get instant access to FREE Secret Guitar Lessons at

Transcript, the number one name is Guitar Lessons Online Hey! Welcome to, my name is Nate Savage. And in this lesson, I’m going to show you how the arpeggios that you’ve learned can be thrown into the CAGED sequence so if you know your CAGED sequence in the key of G, starting with the E barré chord shape [Demonstration]. So if you know the CAGED progression, up and down the fret board, all we’re going to be doing is applying the arpeggios that we’ve learned to the chord shapes and working you up and down the fret board in the same way that we do our chords. So let’s start with the E shape arpeggio, we have this chord right here [Demonstration]. We’re going to use our E shape arpeggio starting on G on our 6th [Demonstration]. The next arpeggio in the sequence, in the CAGED sequence would be G shape arpeggio and that’s starts on the 5th fret of our D string and it sounds like this [Demonstration]. The next arpeggio in the sequence is going to be a C-shape arpeggio based on the 5th string, on the 10th fret starting with your pinky finger [Demonstration]. Next one is the A-shape starting on the 10th fret as well, but we’re going to start with our index finger at this time [Demonstration]. And the final shape is going to be a G shape starting on the 15th fret with our pinky finger [Demonstration]. So that’s your CAGED sequence applied to your regular major arpeggios all the way up and down the fret board. Practice this slowly, get the transitions really clean and you’re also using some sweeping. So if you don’t know how to use the sweeping technique, you may want to nail that down first before you start trying this.