How to Play Bunco
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Ellen Torres teaches you how to play Bunco, an exciting dice game for four participants.


Male Speaker: Essential information from FINE LIVING. Female Speaker: Bunco is a game that is much harder to explain than it is to learn. There are no official rules for Bunco, but most groups play with twelve people divided into three tables of four. One table is designated as the head table, at each table you play as a team with a person across from you. Players earn points by rolling three dice. The goal is to roll the same number on all three dice. First every one tries to roll once, then the next round; you try to roll twos, and so on. Let's say you are on the round two, so you are trying for twos. For every two that you roll, you get a point. But if you get three twos, that's called a Bunco, and you get twenty one points. Your turn lasts as long as you roll twos. The round is over when the team at the head table gets twenty one points, and they ring the bell. At the end of each round the winning team moves to the next table. Usually we play six rounds, have dessert, and then we play six more. So that's a bit of Bunco One on One. But the best way to really learn the game is to get a group together and play. Male Speaker: Find more at FINE