How to Play Basketball: Outside Pivot Right
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Learn how to perform an outside pivot using your right foot, and improve your outside pivot shot on the court. A must for any basketball player!


Work at the other side of lane on the outside pivots from the box are. Gregory, why do you not go first. We got a v-cut from the other side now. Why do not take me down low, v-cut, let us catch it above the box, make an outside pivot here, just make sure we are square to the basket. The most important thing is to be square to the basket. I do not want your foot out here back or forward. I want you here down low, square the balls of your feet, eyes are up on the rim, take your shot and follow through. The same thing, a little quicker, follow through. Michael—okay, go ahead Seana. Okay, go ahead, Rock. Okay, let us go last time through it, last time through it. You can start right here, so you do not have to go as far. Eyes are up, shot. That is good, good. Arms out. Let us go jab, outside pivot right foot, jab, step-back shot. Again, slow. The most important thing is to be square here. Our eyes are up. I am going to try to drive them in back here, step back, take the shot. Again, you have to remember to be low. I do not want to be in here where I square. I am standing up straight and I have that hitch in my shot as we talked about before. I am down low, I square, I could shot fake or ball fake, I can jab them in, I can step back and I can go right into my shot. Let us just go outside pivot right foot, jab, step-back shot keeping our eyes up the whole time. Good. Keep our eyes on the rim, arms up, offensive rebound. If you missed it, put it in. If you miss the shot in the lane, let us take—I want you to take a dribble. Okay. Now pick it up. First time is half speed. The second time, a little faster. Right into it, bang, shot.