How to Play Basic Card Games - Solitaire 2
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Learn how to play basic card games - solitaire 2 in this card games video series.


Hi! My name is Hope Heresko and I’ve been a dealer at the Shereton Casino in Tunica Mississippi and at Derby Lane Race Tracks in St. Petersburg, Florida. The next game of solitaire I am going to show you is called Clock Solitaire. And the reason it’s called clock solitaire is because you’re going to make a clock out of the cards. You’re going to start at 12 o’ clock by putting a card here where the 12 would be on a clock. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, remember that was 12 and one in the middle. Then you’re going to do it again and the last card you’re going to turn up. The turn up card is a Deuce. So I am going to put it where the 2 would be on the clock and turn up that card, which is a 10. This is where 10 would be on my clock, and turn up this card. A Queen is going to be 12 o’ clock. A Jack will be 11, another Jack, a Queen. The object of this game is to get all the cards, four in each spot, except for the King’s which will be in the middle. An 8, another 8, a 5, a 7, ace is 1 o’ clock. A 3, a 9, a 6, an ace, a 4, an ace, a 3, a 9, 6, 10, King. Oh my! We don’t really want four kings. When we get four kings, the game is over. We hope that we get four of a kind first. An ace, we have four Aces, that’s one number down. A 9, we have four 9s that’s two. A 4, an 8, a 3, a 4, we have four of those. A 7, a deuce, a 5, a Queen, a 6, oh a King, but we have four 6’s. A Queen, we have four Queens. A Jack, a King. Oh my, we don’t want that other King. A 5, we have four of those. A 7, we have four of those. A 3, we’re getting close. An 8, hold your breath, a 10, a 10, a deuce, a Jack. Did we do it? A deuce, we are winner. We clean the clock before we got four kings. You might have thought how lucky, I won the game, four Kings were last stop. In truth, this is a very hard game to lose at. Mathematically, and I’m not a wizard, but mathematically it will work out almost every time that you’ll beat the odds and are the winner. So if things are getting you down, this is a good game to play.