How to Play Basic Card Games - Hearts
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Learn how to play basic card games - hearts in this card games video series.


Hi! my name is Hope Heresko and I have worked in Tunica Mississippi both at the Dice Table, and at Blackjack and I have also dealt Poker at Saint Petersburg Dog Track, Florida. We are now going to learn the game of Hearts; one of my favorites. It's a game that needs some thinking. We are going to start by dealing the cards to four players. This is a game that really requires four players. We are going to give everyone a card, until we are finished with the deck, that will give each player 13 cards. There are two parts to this game, one part is to try to get as few points as possible. Hearts counts for points, each one counting for one. The Queen of Spades counts for 13 points. When the game gets to a 100 the game is over. Some times you will find that you have a lot of hearts in your hand, and the queen of spades then you might want to try to take them all. If you take them all then you get a score of zero. Before this game can start each player must plays three cards to the player on their left. In this case this player is going to pay us two high clubs and a high diamond, to the player on their left. Before this player number two looks at their cards, they must pay us three cards to the player on their left. They also are going to pay us high cards, two high diamonds and a high heart. Remember in this game we are always going to start with the two of clubs the person with the two of clubs starts. If this person has a club they must play it. This person has no clubs, you cannot play the Queen of Spades, or a heart on the first trick. So even though this player has no clubs they cannot play the Queen of Spades, or the ten of hearts on the first trip. But they can get rid of this high ace of diamonds. This player must follow suit, she is going to try and play the ace of clubs. This player will play the jack. The trick goes to the ace of clubs. Now I must choose another card to play. I cannot play a heart yet, because it hasn't been broken. Some almost play a heart on one of the tricks before you can lead it. She is going to try to play a low club hoping that someone else will get the lead. This player will play the seven, this player is going to try the king, hoping that this player has some more clubs. But look this player has no more clubs. They want to get rid of the Queen of Spades, remember the Queen of Spades is 13 points. So they will give it to this player. They are going to try to lead another spade. This player will lead the king, look there are no spades here. This player will lead a heart. No hearts have been broken. So they maybe played on the next trick. Well let's see how we ended up. Player number one ended up with three points. Player number two at the Queen of Spades and five hearts 18 points. This player had no Queen of Spades and no hearts. This player ended up with five hearts, this player would get five points. Remember a 100, and the game is over. The person with the low score is the winner. Hearts is a very interesting game to play, because there are strategies involved. When you are passing cards you have to really look and see do you want to keep that Queen of Spades. Do you want to keep some of those high hearts? You have to think about, do you want to get no points, or do you want to try to take them all. It is very difficult to take all the 26 points in heart. It is usually better to try to get rid of your high cards, pass them to your neighbor, pass your hearts to your neighbor and play low hoping to get no points. Let your players, your other players who are not thinking as well as you are try to get all the points and probably get stuck. Be the smart one, go for no points, rather than all the points. In closing remember cards are a fun game. A great way to pass the time whether you are alone playing Solitaire, playing hearts with three other friends, playing rummy with just one other friend. Whether your are playing for an ice cream soda or a penny, or for just your friend's smile it's a great way to pass the time. Cards is a great pass time and a way to have a lot of fun enjoy your card playing and keep that smile.