How To Play Baseball: Pinch The Knee
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Learn the pinch-the-knee drill to make you a more successful pitcher.


(Music Playing) What Philip is doing is what we refer to as Pins to knee Drill. The purpose of the pins to knee drill is to sure the pitch that it does not drag his back foot. This could be critical and it is fast ball. If Philip would drag his back foot, he is going to loose and lastly the ball is going to stay up in his own. So, what we actually trying to work on is getting his back foot up and over. As you can see, he is going to try to pins the knees together. What we do not want to see, Now drag you foot away out, just drag it along the ground. Because once he drags the foot, he is loosing velocity. And we also do not want to see him swing his foot away this way, Swing it this way? Does more it is like he is trying to get up over a horse. What we want to do is try to generate and conserve as much energy through the ball. Channel it right out through the hand. Better, pins in knees together okay? Hold up. For the guy who is having trouble, you can do this also in a mount and I will tell you this, a little bit of a drag is no problem. Anything overt 12 inches is just to be a problem. So what we can do is put a couple of bricks here and make sure that Philip is going to get his foot up and over. Done, he will probably stump his tow a little bit. Here we go. (Background Music) It makes him concentrate on getting the foot up over the bricks, utilizing his lower body.