How To Play Baseball: One Knee Drills
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Learn these one-knee drills to make you a more successful pitcher.


(Music Playing) What Daryl he is doing here is what we call One the Knee Drill Burry the Shoulder and what Daryl he is going to do is he is going to start with his hands up center of the body. This is what I refer to the close position. Now, it is very important that we work on one. He is going to finish on his follow through but he is also going to work on a separation of hands. When he separates, Separate, He separates down. He got his glove open, we go the scare crow position or what I call the T position. The terms are down. Notice how his body is closed. If he is on the mount, his front sides should be able to read by the third baseman. He got his eyes focused on a target. At this point, he is going to finish. When I say finish, he wore glove tuck. He will form an L on his arm, throw and follow through. Finish. What I liked to see him do is really get this shoulder down because if the arm developed speed, it is very important to let the shoulder and back muscles do the job and naturally slow the arm down okay? Here we go, let us try it again. He is going to separate and go. Go. Work on a good follow through. When he finish it off, what I like for him to say is 1000 and 1. One of the tale-tale signs of a pitcher is getting tired. Go. Is that he will start finish in higher so what we want to do is make sure we get a good finish, good follow through. He is going to get his glove off to the side. His chest is over his knee, so it is a less injury way of throwing the baseball. Again, this is a one knee drill, burry the shoulders. He is working on his finish, his follow through, hands operation, and tuck. (Music Playing)