How To Play Baseball: Heel Up Drill
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Learn the heel-up drill to make you a more successful pitcher.


(Music Playing) This is what we refer to as the heel love drill and more commonly, I use it with the young guys if shoe laces kiss the ground. And the purpose of this drill is to make sure that Timmy roles his foot over because when he rules his foot over, If he role it over, Now, they release the knee. Once the knee is released, the energy is generated through his waist. So we want to make sure we get a good role of the foot so all energy which starts at the feet goes on up and out the arm. When he starts out in the position, he is going to make a small shift to the back leg. Again, this is just a kind of lock and load to get just a little bit of push when he goes towards the target. Again, we always separate down. Separate, Form a T, finish. He is going to finish over his knee and he is going to also work on a balanced finish in over the front side of his leg. Here we go, glove off to the side, (Background Music) This drill is really good for helping small pitchers like Timmy generate and get the most use out of his body. We do not want to cheat ourselves. He gets more that better feel, create better muscle memory. While Tim is doing this, we also want the ball to travel on a forward and downward plane. That pitch is a tough to any baseball player. We do not want to stray, we want forward and downwards. Gives him the best chance to be a successful, And I will let Timmy finish the rest of mile on his own. (Music Playing)