How to Play 3 Card Poker
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In this casino lesson, Players Network shows you how to play 3 card poker.


How to Play 3 Card Poker Anthony Curtis: I’m Anthony Curtis, you’re watching Players Network, and I’m a player. Kristin McFall: Hi, I’m Kristin McFall for Players Network. I’m sitting beside Roger Snow, the manager of Table Games at Shuffle Master. Hi. Roger Snow: Hi Kristin, how are you again? Kristin McFall: I’m so wonderful. You’re going to show me how to play three card poker, aren’t you? Roger Snow: Absolutely. Three card poker is one of the most popular specialty games in the country. We have about 550 tables around the United States and Canada and we’re adding more and more every month. It’s a pretty simple game to learn which helps and also has some pay outs that are pretty easy to hit. So there’s a lot of back and forth action with the money, it’s not like the game works hard to hit a hand. Kristin McFall: Yes, and you just got written down here a lot of that. Roger Snow: Everything is explained very easily. Kristin McFall: I know how to play poker. I’m a little bit good at that. Roger Snow: Alright, then you’ll be natural at this. Kristin McFall: Alright. Roger Snow: You’re going to make a couple of bets here to start the game. Make a bet in the pair plus. Kristin McFall: Okay. Roger Snow: The Pair Plus is your side bet that your three card hand is going to be at least a pair. Kristin McFall: Okay. Roger Snow: And as you get – as a harder hand hits like a flash is harder than a pair straight, it’s harder than a flash, et cetera, you get paid more money. Kristin McFall: Okay. Roger Snow: Up to 40 to one for a straight flash which is a pretty good score. Kristin McFall: And this is just the Ante itself. Roger Snow: The Ante is to get you in the game head to head against the dealer. Kristin McFall: Okay. Roger Snow: Now players can bet either both or just one of those bets, some like it just bet the Pair of Plus but most players like to get that double barreled action and go head to head with the dealer and the side bet as well. Kristin McFall: That’s me. I want to do it both. Roger Snow: Alright so here we go. So here is your hand and I deal it to you face down and then here’s my hand face down. Kristin McFall: Alright. Roger Snow: Just take a look at your cards on the side if you want to stay in against me. Kristin McFall: Almost definitely stay in. Roger Snow: I guess I’m good. Kristin McFall: We’re going to be staying in. Yes. Roger Snow: Not bluffing, are you?. Kristin McFall: No I’m not at all bluffing. Roger Snow: So just place equal amount right there. Okay, and now we’re ready to go. Now the dealer has a pretty good hand. The dealer has a pair of sevens. Let’s see. Pair of sevens against four five six is a straight. A straight is a stronger hand than the pair. So for beating the dealer, you get even money here, even money here, and you also get a little bonus here called the Ante bonus which pays one to one for a straight and I’m not done. You put a Pair Plus bet, you get paid six to one for your straight. Kristin McFall: Six to one, oh how wonderful for three. I get all of these. I get nine. That’s fantastic. Roger Snow: Not bad at all. This game is extremely popular and that’s one of the reasons because it’s very easy to hit some of these hands. Kristin McFall: Now we’re going to play again, aren’t we? Roger Snow: Yes, we certainly are. Kristin McFall: Alright, Roger Snow once again. This is Kristin McFall for Players Network. We are definitely playing again.