How to Plant Spinach in a Large Pot
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Learn how to plant spinach in a large pot. Jim mentions that you can plant enough spinach in one pot to feed a family all spring long.


Jim’s Garden Tip is brought you by Zamzows. Nobody knows like Zamzows. You can grow vegetables anywhere. And I will demonstrate to you how you can grow enough spinach to supply your entire family all spring long in this one discarded pot. First of all, you need drainage holes in the bottom of your pot but if they are large like this one, all of your potting next will wash out through the bottom. So I like to just put a rock right over the top of those holes. Next, we’re going to fill out pot with potting mix. A good top soil or just a high quality potting mix will work. I am just going to pack it gently down. I like to do that because then I can see where my seeds are. I take a good quality spinach seed and just scatter them gently around the surface. We don’t want to plant them too thick because and then, they don’t develop very well. Just to add a little variety, I am going to put a few radishes in here and them I am going to finish up with just a little bit of lettuce seed. That way later on we can have an entire mixed green salad. I like to put about a quarter of an inch of casing soil over the top of my seed and it is best to water this with a fine mist so we don’t wash our seeds out. Here we are in month later and our baby greens are ready to harvest. If you’ll just pick these leaves off without pulling the roots up, this pot will continue to yield for several weeks. There is nothing in your garden that you can’t plant that you can’t plant in a container on your patio. Next time, we’re going to head back into the garden and I will show you how to plant spring garden greens and root crops that will make your mouth water.