How to Plan an Outdoor Movie Night
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Better has some decor advice for a family get together that no one will soon forget.


How to Plan an Outdoor Movie Night Rhiannon Ally: Do you remember the good old days when you would just sit outside under the stars and watch a movie. Well, why not take a twist on the drive-in movie theater in creating unforgettable movie night in your very own backyard. Event designer and entertaining expert Tara Wilson is here to help us create a cool and hip atmosphere where your friends can mingle while enjoying their favorite movies. What is better than that? Tara Wilson: I know, have fun, right? Rhiannon Ally: I have to say Tara, one of my favorite things to do as a kid was going to the drive-in. Tara Wilson: Oh, really? Okay. Rhiannon Ally: Yes. I loved it. Tara Wilson: Well, then you right then this just brings right home to you. Isn’t it perfect? Rhiannon Ally: It’s perfect and it’s inexpensive. Tara Wilson: Absolutely. Rhiannon Ally: You can entertain tons of families for this. Tara Wilson: Perfect for this time of the year and the economy that we’re in. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah. So, let’s talk food for a second. Tara Wilson: Sure, absolutely. So doing different kinds of bars is a really big trend. It is one of my signature things at Tara Wilson Events. So we love doing a kebab bar, get a bunch of vegetables, different meats and put it out for your friends and then let them fix and create their own kebab bar. Rhiannon Ally: And healthy too I love that? Tara Wilson: Yeah. You could even, if you have kids there, do a fruit one. Rhiannon Ally: Yes. Tar Wilson: Yes you could absolutely. Anything that keeps them energized and entertained, it’s perfect. And then we also think that you should bring the inside and outdoors. You know, bring your dining room chairs out for people to sit in or pillows and blankets, makes it feel dressy. In that way, it is really fun for people. Rhiannon Ally: Makes a little more classy and if you’re going to be sitting outside for hours and hours, you don’t want to sit on lawn chairs, right? Tara Wilson: No. So you want them to be comfortable and that’s the great way to do it. Rhiannon Ally: Just don’t leave those outside. It could always rain overnight. Tara Wilson: That’s true. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. So, keeping with the bar theme, what about drinks? Tara Wilson: What about drinks? So do an ice tea bar. Because you’re going to have people that are there and they are not going to want to drink. So you can give them just flavored ice teas. But then you can also spike and spice those up. One of the things I love doing is like a southern ice tea with Four Roses Bourbon. You know, they can add it themselves so that you are not making it or you can make like a long island ice tea. Then you also want to have a bunch of fruits for people to put and garnish their drinks with. Rhiannon Ally: What are these little flakes on the top? Tara Wilson: I love this. This is easy leaf products. They are golden silver flakes that you can use to dress up your glassware. Rhiannon Ally: Wow! Those really look nice on there, don’t they? Tara Wilson: Right. Perfect and it’s really refreshing. You want to think about that one, when it so hot out on the summertime and you want to get your guests something really cool and enjoyable. Rhiannon Ally: Should you have an alternate in case people don’t like tea? Tara Wilson: Absolutely you know water, softdrinks, that sort of thing but I don’t you need to have a full bar. You know, this is not one of those parties where you are trying to feed everyone and give them lots of drinks. So it is great to have an alternative but don’t feel pressured to do a full bar. Rhiannon Ally: Okay so what about -- we cannot have a movie without popcorn? Tara Wilson: Right. So another great trend on bars is popcorn bars. And just get three to four different flavors of popcorn, put them in baskets that you already have, very inexpensive to do, lots of gourmet popcorn shops around that you can buy or you can make it yourself and drizzle it with fancy butter so it’s perfect. Rhiannon Ally: What about the candy, my favorite? Tara Wilson: Right. So, make a candy bar. You know, think about what you would have if you went to drive-in movie or if you went to a movie theater. You’re going to have all these big box candies. So go to the grocery and get a bunch for you guest to pick from. You know, again it is not about having a tremendous amount but just enough to make them feel welcome and like they’re going to have a really great time at your home. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. So, what about setting the atmospheres as far as music, how do you decide which movie they even play? Tara Wilson: Well, you know that’s really difficult because you want to find a movie that’s appealing to both women and men. And you want it to be kind of up tempo. So adventure movies are really great. I think we picked Catch Me If You Can as one or Casino Royale. But you want to think what will appeal to both men and women. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. I love all of these tips. Tara Wilson: Thank you. Rhiannon Ally: It’s fun and inexpensive, thank you Tara. And to see some of these delicious recipes, go to and click on the recipe button. We also have a link to some of more Tara’s unique and creative summer entertaining ideas on our website.