How to Plan a Hollywood Party - Invitations
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Make everyone a star with invitations just right for a Hollywood Party.


Female Speaker: With more than 2500 kid parties under their belt, Lorna Hennington and Kim Salisbury are true party veterans who now had a pull off a gig without breaking the bank. Female Speaker: We have lots of great ideas about how the soccer party might go. We were thinking red carpet up to your door and maybe to get some of the parents to help you take some photos, so there are flash bulbs popping or you can do the scroll of blight or something like that Female Speaker: And they can pose down the red carpet which they love to do. Female Speaker: Exactly. Female Speaker: And if you set your theme about something like a star shape, there are soccer star. There are also now celebrity stars on this day, and you can purchase lots of things and make lots of things that are in that shape. Even your food items, you could shape that way. Female Speaker: They had great ideas about the food, because you have to feed the kids at party. They gave me some really creative ideas about taking a mold that shaped in a star for example, and just creating anything from star shaped hamburgers or cupcakes or pizza or anything. Female Speaker: What about a first thing that the guest will see, the invitation? Female Speaker: You want it to be something really exciting. When the kids get it, they immediately kind of know what's going to be happening at this party. Female Speaker: I thought of a simple idea. You can use an apple peeler. Female Speaker: Making invitations was so simple. It was just basically a matter of getting some construction paper, and parchment paper, markers, and little glitter glue and cutting it out, and creating a film reel, and using a little blade, and a hole puncture, and you put it together and it's really simple and that's a great project to get the girls involved into. Female Speaker: Well, I am RSVPing, yes, because this is too cute.