How to Plan a Cooking Party for Kids
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Tracy Gallagher teaches you how to plan a cooking party for kids, a party that allows the kids to experiment with cooking.


Tracy Gallagher: So, you are planning a party and as always food is a key ingredient. Well, now imagine that your 10-year-old son who is a budding chef asks you to help him plan a cooking party for him and his friends. Let's just say the normal party fare is not going to cut it. I am Tracy Gallagher. Today, we are helping Milissa plan a very special party for her remarkable son Reuben. Milissa: Reuben is going to wonder Mom, what kind of party are you throwing? Mom, what kind of food are you going to be serving my friends. Mom, isn't this cool? Basically, it has to be Reuben approved. Tracy Gallagher: Reuben Martinez seems like any normal 10-year-old. He plays basketball, soccer and likes to hang out with his friends. But, when Reuben was four, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. Reuben: I had it for five months and they operated on me five times. Milissa: He had a lot of surgeries. He went through a lot of Chemotherapy, a lot of hospital stays. Tracy Gallagher: During that difficult time, Reuben needed a diversion. Milissa: Reuben couldn't do anything very physical. So, Reuben and I kind of got bonding over cooking. Because Reuben could do that, I can do that and that's something we could do together. Since, Reuben was very small. He really has admired Emeril Lagasse. Reuben: I saw Emeril's Show and I like the way he cooks. I wanted to be like him ever since. Milissa: He used to walk over to the TV when he was wanting to see him and he go bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Tracy Gallagher: Not so long ago, Reuben got a chance of a life time. Milissa: We went on trip to New York and we made some arrangements and Reuben got to meet Emeril Lagasse. Tracy Gallagher: He met his idol. Now, that he is healthy again, Milissa wants to make a celebration and helps him realize his dream of becoming a chef. Milissa: Whatever Reuben wants to do, whatever I can do to support him, I am going to do it 100%. Tracy Gallagher: Step one, share his love of cooking with his basketball buddies. Milissa: What he can cook it's not like boring. It's cool, you know it's a passion. It's something that they can become maybe closer friends because of. Tracy Gallagher: We are going to chefs out of these boy yet. But, first we've got to have a plan. I've asked them to join me a Chefmakers to meet a kids cooking specialist. Well, let's say Reuben meet Chef Drew Closs. Milissa: Hi! Drew Closs: Hi Guys! Tracy Gallagher: You've got such a great history of working with children in your culinary profession. Tell us about it. Drew Closs: I've worked with Walt Disney World in Orlando, for fifteen years. Tracy Gallagher: Wow!. Drew Closs: Doing children parties and children classes. Tracy Gallagher: Now, when you think about a cooking party for all of his boy friends. Drew Closs: Boys love to cook. Although, if it's institute of girls, boys, we have a lot of boys coming to our cooking classes. Tracy Gallagher: What have you concocted for us? Drew Closs: We are going to create a fun and competitive party. Iron-Chef style Competition in making pizzas. Tracy Gallagher: The one ingredient every pizza needs, the dough. Drew Closs: They do have pre-made doughs that you can go and get in a store. But, we wanted to get one that you could grab and touch and the kids can stretch it out and roll it out and really get their hands dirty. Tracy Gallagher: When it comes to toppings, think outside the box. Drew Closs: I just go to the salad bar and buy what that looks really good and fresh. Everything here can right out of the Salad Bar. So, it's cut for us. Grab a little bit of the corn, little bit of the peas. It may seem like things are little weirdest. But the weired you get, the more fun that you are going to have with it. Open up and dump it on a plate. Milissa: I thought, you would have to sit there and chop up out everything and wonder, oh! I am going to have too much of this or that. Drew Closs: The more you can get, the more options that they have. The more creative and sometimes the more disgusting they can get which is more fun for them. Female Speaker: Sauce right out of the jar and the variety of pre-grated cheeses will make these pizzas fun and easy to put together. Add a few tasty toppings and before you know it, they are ready to go in the oven. Tracy Gallagher: Good job, Reuben. Reuben: Thanks.