How to Plan a Barnyard Party - Invitations
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Young children can help make pig invitations for a barnyard theme party.


Tracy Gallagher: Lions, tigers, and bears, well not quite. But kid friendly petting zoos like this one are a great way to introduce young children to the amazing world of animals. And when they are part of a well planned party, they can provide tons of priceless moments that will last a lifetime. I am Tracy Gallagher and today we are helping Carla, a busy career mom, plan a barnyard theme bash for her young son Beck. So Carla the animals were so cute. Carla: They were so great. Tracy Gallagher: That was so fun, and I think Beck who loves animals is really going to get a kick out of this party. But we also need some party essentials. And we have a dynamic duo of design here. They are actually sisters. So they share the creative gene. This is Karen and Linda, and they will help us carry through the theme of all the animals. Our experts are sisters and published authors Karen Dinino and Linda Woods. Their specialty is visual crafting. First things first, to set the theme of the party they have come up with an idea for a cheerful pig invitation that's a snap to put together. Grab your scissors and your crafting supplies, because that's just about all you will need to put this little guy together. Why did you choose a pig? Is it just the easiest one to create or -- Karen Dinino: It's easy to create, kids love pig faces. And there is just something silly and fun about a pig. And this is a great project you can have your kids help you with. Simple circles and triangles and squares, it really takes the fear out of creating something like an animal, because it is simple geometric shape. So it's not just an art project, the project which she bond with her son a little bit. Stick it on and there you have got a great barnyard theme invitation. Carla: I love it. I am really excited about the invitations. I think they are adorable and I think when the kids get them they are going to be really excited about the barnyard party. They are going to see the pig, they are going to think well, this is going to be fun, and Beck loves pigs. So it's perfect.