How To Pitch a Baseball: Wrist Drills
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Learn these wrist drills to make you a more successful pitcher.


(Music Playing) Now that we properly warm the body up and we are ready to throw the baseball, I feel that we should start our day with the mechanical drills. I believe in this routine in whether it is game day, practice. I like the mechanical drills a part of your daily routine. In my opinion, I think it helps create good muscle memory. You get that daily dose of muscle memory that helps you to stay sharp. So the first drill we are going to do is I am going to use Jay here, we are going to work on the wrist drill. The reason we work on a wrist drill is because a lot of guys do not use their wrist. If you use your wrist and you will see as we go along with the glove tuck, you may gain two to four miles per hour more on your fast ball. So what we are going to do is we are going to start the wrist drill. I am going to have Jay drop down right here, He needs to do it with one knee. He can do it seating but the purpose is we work on the wrist. So, what I am going to do is have him take the ball. He is going to get his throwing and elbow up. Shoulder high at least, do not lean on the front side, there he go, And he is going to work on to snapping the ball on his wrist. What I am working on is just a wrist. Get a good snap, Excellent! This is going to give you an extra velocity on a ball and a good movement, gives you good life pitch. Excellent! Notice he is getting a good snap on it. Two fingers and a thumb is the way he is gripping it. The elbows got to be at least shoulder high. This is something you can do between TV commercials when you sit around and watching TV. It is an excellent drill. You can do it with your mom. You can do it with your dad, your little sister. Your grandmother as you can see it. It does not require a lot of work. What I want you to do is do maybe 15 or 20 and then relax and then do another 15 to 20. Get your body function on all cylinders, from the smallest part to the biggest part. Again, this is a wrist drill so we want to make sure is that when Jay does this, he got his elbow up at least shoulder high. If you take his glove and folded it, it is very important for this elbow to be at least a shoulder high. You are going to use two fingers and a thumb, and he is going to snap his wrist. Snap. Work on a good wrist snap, here we go, ready? So as you can see, you do not need the baseball. You can still work on this at home. Go ahead. Snap. (Music Playing)