How to Perform Toe Taps with Foam Roller
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Toe Taps with the Foam Roller is a great preparation for all original Pilates exercises as it strengthens the core and flattens the abdominal muscles. Changing the place of the hands on the floor can make it easier or harder, so be sure to challenge yourself! Keep the abdominal muscles drawn in for maximum tummy flattening benefit..


Kimberly: Welcome to the Pilates on Fifth video podcast. I am Kimberly. Katherine: And I am Katherine. Kimberly: Today’s exercise is toe taps on the foam roller. So, you will start by sitting on the edge of the foam roller and then rolling yourself back so that your head is definitely on the roller, you don’t want your head --. If your roller is shorter then you need to get a small ball to support the weight of your head. Once you are here, you want to use your abdominal muscles to roll the pelvis up to meet the ribs and really close those ribs. Your hands are down, the wider you make your hands then more support you have, you bring your hands nice and narrow is little harder, to make it really challenging, you can put your elbows down. So, now that we are here on nice supported position, you are going to inhale pick one leg up in to tabletop position and then in exhale put the other leg up in the tabletop position and it really squeezes these together and here we go for the exercise and hence prepare. Exhale top one toe away and inhale coming back up and exhale reaching the other toe away and but now notice that she is moving from the hip and not from the knee, exhale not from the knees and do that again, do the wrong one again, see you don’t just bent the knee, you have to bent only hip. The pressure applied on a foam roller if you don’t touch the ground that’s fine. You need to go as far as you can maintain connection with your lower back to the roller and just one more each leg, now you can make this more challenging by even straightening your arms and just do like one finger down. So that can be a little more challenging as well or a pinky finger and that is toe taps with the foam roller. To finish you put one foot down completely and the other foot done completely and then -- off one way or the other and that again is toe taps with the foam roller. If you would like more information on our studio, Pilates on Fifth, our certification program, the Pilates Academy International, or any of our products please log onto Also make sure to checkout full-length foam roller workouts on We have ball workouts, band workouts, BOSU workouts absolutely free. So, check it out. Bye, bye. Katherine: Bye.