How to Perform the Hammer Curl Lunge Exercise
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Follow along with Prevention expert Chris Freytag as she does a hammer-curl lunge, which targets thighs and biceps.


Hi! I'm Chris Freytag, Prevention Magazine's fitness expert. This Hammer Curl Lunge is a great exercise that works multi-muscle groups and when you do exercises that involve both the upper and lower body, you burn more calories and fats and you use more muscle fiber. So let's try. I'm going to turn sideways so you can see me. Drop one foot behind you on the ball of your foot and drop down into the lunge position, curling those arms to a bicep curl. Now you're going to come up adding a little balance challenge here as you lower the bicep curl and balance. Drop back to your lunge. Notice, you might pull front knee tracking over your shoelaces, back knee points towards the earth, keep that chest and heart lifted and then come back up. So lunges really work bun, the legs. You got your biceps curl and of course you're working your core body with that balance challenge. Great job! Always be mindful of that front knee, lower down and back up. Now do about 10 on this leg and then switch to the other leg. Now to make it easier, let me give you an idea. Just stay in stationary lunge, drop down with that curl, come back up, mindful of that front knee, right over the shoelaces, chest and heart lifted, adding that curl, great job! You'll love the results you get from the Hammer Curl Lunge.