How to Perform Pre-Holiday Workout
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You don't have to throw away months of hard work and training just because you go overboard during the Thanksgiving & Christmas. So, to ensure that you don't get crazy with the gravy... the first thing you should do on your holiday morning is get moving!000a000aThis week Jenny Didonato will show you a pre-holiday workout that will help you burn the calories before you even start to eat them!


Hello! Welcome to Brides Made Fit podcast. I am your host Jennifer DiDonato and this is Episode Number 24. In case you have been living under a rock for the past two months that's okay. Brides Made Fit is Metro Detroit's only in-home personal training service for brides-to-be and Brides Made Fit podcasts is everyone's source for health and fitness information, entertainment. So thanks for joining us and I want to say congratulations that you are watching this episode because this is the very first episode of Brides Made Fit, that the business is an award winning business. So pat ourselves on the back, now I am just joking. But yes we are an award winning business and thanks to right here. They went on a search or they kind of had a contest where they wanted home grown businesses to enter, and there were thousands of entries and they were doing contest in 10 different categories of anywhere from the most innovative businesses to the greenest businesses to the wackiest to the most revenue generating businesses and so they had ten finalist in each category and Bride Made Fit came in the top ten in most innovative businesses. We are number eight actually. So check it out at Thank you for all of you that voted out there we are very, very happy. So now on to our workout. Well of course tomorrow you are going to probably stuffing your faces if you are living in United States because it is Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving a lot of people that's kind of a start up to the holiday season for the binging, and if you are doing well and you are on track right now please, please don't go overboard on Thanksgiving. But if you do, I am going to make you work, I am going to make you pay for it, because lot of times we binge on other holidays and we think oh I am just going to work my butt off after the five glasses of wine, and two pieces of pumpkin pie, half a turkey. I will just work it off and it will be great. But you know what a lot of people they don't. They get tired; they want to go shopping on a Black Friday. They want to get the free DVD player, whatever you want to get. No, I want you working out so to make sure that you guys are working out and not binging and ruining everything you have been doing up to this point. I am going to make you work out first thing in the morning, on Thanksgiving morning, you heard me. And that's why this episode and it can pertain to all holidays, it's called The Holiday Pre-Binge workout and I want you to exercise in the morning because exercise in the morning ensures that you are burning those calories which will be a fraction of what you are going to be eating throughout the day and since you have worked so hard in the morning it is going to not make you want to binge as much during the day because you know how much your workout just sucked, but it felt good afterwards, but it is sucked. I mean, come on, face it who wants to be trekking down the treadmill but you are going to do good thing and you are going to burn off those calories before you even eat them. So let's get started. I am going to have you work on the treadmill. I am just going to take up my dumbbells right over here. I want you to grab two dumbbells, one for each hand and I want them to be a weight that is challenging enough, you are going to be doing 15 repetitions. The first two movements I am going to show you, so I am going to pick up my dumbbells right now and what you can do is if you have a really cool treadmill unlike myself, you can actually stick the dumbbells in the cup holders, the Life Fitness brand has those and it's really awesome but mine is a little ProForm Fold-up one. So I am just going to stick my dumbbells down here. Alright we are going to kick on the treadmill, turned it on great this time, didn't I? And without one episode -- once you go to turn it on, it's going to turn on. It is kind of funny. So I just want you warming up for one minute, okay. Just like you should, get the blood flowing. Okay now after one minute of warm-up I want you to bump up your incline to 4% and it could be the number on treadmills are kind of different, so if it has an Incline mode on there I just want you to bump it up, so you see the number four and that's good. And I want you at 3.5 miles an hour, 3.5. So we have got 3.5 miles an hour, 4% Incline, okay? So I want you to walk at this for minute. Alright so we got one minute on the treadmill, now here is the fun part. Pop off the treadmill, grab your dumbbells. Be careful on this part, okay. But since you are working out with me you are pro already, alright. I want you to grab them overhead presses. I want your arms be at 90 degrees. Press all the way up and exhale, bring it down, that's going to increase control. So you are walking while you are doing the overhead presses. And I want you to give me fifteen repetitions of each. You can try to full speed if you feel like you are not very comfortable on this. 3.5, I am pretty sure, I like four, you guys can't really tell on camera but I am. So 3.5 should be a good speed for most of you out there. But if it is too fast please by all means, please bump it down a notch, okay. Good job on those 15 repetition overhead presses. I want you to walk for one minute. I will just pretend I walked for a minute, okay. Now after you have walked for one minute, we are going to do 15 Hammer Bicep Curls alternating. I want you to keep the elbows in tight, bring the arms, the hands all the way down the side of your thighs. Bring it back up to just above the shoulder. You know what I said, you don't want the dumbbells to go all the way to your shoulder and see I am lifting my elbow here then it is not working my biceps. I want to keep the biceps activated all time. Okay now have you hop off the treadmill. We are going to come back down here. Keep the treadmill running, once you give me ten Reverse Lunges while holding the dumbbells, ten per leg. Bring it back. Good and push off the front heel, bring your leg back as far as you can, keep the back heel up, front heel down, push through that heel, I want to keep your back straight. Chest up, chin up look forward, be confident. You are working out some glutes. Now we are going to hop back on the treadmill, let's pretend we have done ten. Go ahead and set dumbbells down. Okay. We are going to bring the Incline down and this is the fun part. You are going to walk for about a minute just to cool down from the lunges. Now I am going to kick it up a notch and I want you to run, not so much running at a sprint, but I want it to be fast enough because you are going to be running for five minutes and I want you to challenge yourself. Really push it. Okay. Now I can't run that fast right now because my microphone will falloff and I might lose you guys, so I can't do that. Instead I want you to run, run. Burn off the turkey thunder thighs. Okay, run for five minutes you guys. I want you to really pump it, pump it, really push it. Alright go ahead and bring it back down to 3.5 miles per hour. Go ahead bring the Incline back up to four. You are going to walk it out for one minute and you are going to repeat this portion three times okay. So this gets the heart rate up. This work your muscles, your lower body, your upper body shoulders, biceps, you are hitting the core too because we have to hold the dumbbells while you are walking on Incline and also with the reverse lunges. So do this workout email me after Thanksgiving. Tell me how it went, how it felt. Did you eat more? Did you eat less? I want to know. So definitely email me on that. I want you to work, okay. Alright now moving I just want to give a shout out to Alena Events, the Joanne and Beth we have made up with them during the week and they were a lot of fun. Thank you so much for meeting us at the drift-in. It was a pleasure. So I just wanted to say hi to you guys. And now you can catch all of the Brides Made Fit episode, Google us online, Brides Made Fit you will find us everywhere and you can catch previous episodes just like the one you see right here and also that's where we are at and I am also follow me up Twitter. It i