How to Paint Garage Floors
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John DeSilvia shares practical advice on painting garage floors.


Male: It is another DIY Network, 10 Grand in your Hand quick tip. John DaSilvia: I’m John DaSilvia and if you want the cool painted garage floor, don’t pay a contractor, do it your self and save a whole bunch of money. You can buy super tough epoxies like this in kits. Plan on spending about a hundred bucks to an average size garage. Unlike regular paint, this stuff requires prep work. You mix it together and allow it to sit a half hour before applying. I suggest having one person cutting the edges and corners while the other uses a wide roll. Avoid cheap rollers and go with the quality one that could handle epoxy. One morning, the manufacturer suggests waiting a week before driving your hot rod on to the new floor. By doing this project yourself, you’ll keep the cash in your hands and not in your contractor’s pocket. Male: For all things, home improvement, go to, 24/7.