How to Pack a Litterless Lunch
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Have you ever stopped to consider how much garbage you throw away after you’ve eaten lunch? The single-serving yogurt container, cookie wrappers, and drinking box all end up in a garbage can. Why not try packing a litterless lunch for you and the kids tomorrow? Flo Busnello, Recycling Queen for the City shares her advice on preparing a litterless lunch that will fill your tummy, while leaving your garbage can empty.


How-to-Pack-a-Litterless-Lunch Tracy Bezeau: Have you ever stopped to consider how much garbage you throw away after you eat lunch. The single serving yogurt container, plastic spoon and cookie wrappers are all destined for the garbage can. Why not try packing a litterless lunch for you and the kids tomorrow. The city of Hamilton’s Flo Busnello the recycling queen is here to share her tips on preparing a litterless lunch that will fill your tummy while leaving the garbage can empty. This is Daily Web TV. The other day my son came home from school and asked me to prepare him a litterless lunch. Well, if you’re like me you’re a little unsure on how to do this so to help me with this is Flo from waste management. Flo what is a litterless lunch? Flo Busnello: Tracy a litterless lunch means packing a lunch with no single serving packaging. Having no garbage to throw is the end goal. Tracy Bezeau: Can you give me some examples on how to prepare a litterless lunch. Sounds a little difficult but I’ve seen lots of stuff here like it helped me out. Flo Busnello: Sure there are many things you can use to pack a litterless lunch like reusable containers for the same way of you snacks. Reusable drinking boxes versus the traditional drinking box with the straw so a thermos like this or a reusable water bottle and for hot food you can even bring hot food with you and a thermos like this to keep your food warm for you. Tracy Bezeau: You talked about not having litter to throw away. What about getting the single servings or cookies and stuff like already package stuff? Flo Busnello: So yogurt is a perfect example for a single serving packaging all of the packaging for this yogurt for instance ends up in the garbage. If you buy the large container and then just reuse the reusable container and fill it you don’t have any packaging and you’re packing a litterless lunch. Tracy Bezeau: Now you talk about the single serving yogurts. Can I recycle that or litterless lunch really means nothing that I’m throwing out. Flo Busnello: Litterless mean you have nothing to throw in the garbage when you’re done. So there’s just your reusable containers that you’re taking home with you everything’s hopefully empty because you did not eat your lunch. Tracy Bezeau: What is the difference between a boomerang lunch and a litterless lunch? Flo Busnello: Yeah, some people get it mixed up and boomerang lunch means whatever you bring packed in your lunch is what you take home with you to dispose up. So you’re not necessarily disposing of the waste at school or at work. You’re just coming home with it and still getting rid of it. So you’re stop producing litter or is it litterless, you’re using reusable containers, no single serving packaging and you don’t have anything to throw at the end. Tracy Bezeau: You see we have a plate and a fork here, why would I be bring packing up with my lunch. Flo Busnello: So the plate and fork is a for you know when we’re working in the office and we have pack up lunches, you can bring your own plate utensils. It’s another great way to reuse as well as remembering to bring your travel mug when you’re getting your coffee in the morning or afternoon. Tracy Bezeau: I’m noticing a trend to not only are we using containers but almost like we’re saving money at the same time. Flo Busnello: Yeah, so buying in bulk you’ll save versus the packaging as well as if you take your mug a lot of things is give you little discount of your coffee or tea. Tracy Bezeau: This actually looks a lot easier than I thought I guess if I’m going to be doing it for my kids something that I can be doing for myself as well. Flo Busnello: Well, sure you can pack a litterless lunch for the office as well. Tracy Bezeau: Where can somebody go to get more information? Flo Busnello: They can visit our website at or give us a call at 9055463. Tracy Bezeau: Well, thank you very much Flo. For more information on packing a litterless lunch check out their website. I’m Tracy Bezeau and you’ve been watching Daily Web TV.