How to Pack a Healthy Lunchbox
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Packing your kid's lunch? Dr. Ann provides great tips on how to keep that lunch healthy and tasty.


Dr. Ann Kulze: As a nutrition expert and mother who is totally devoted to providing great nutrition for her own kids. I want to give you some great lunchbox tips that I think will really help jack up the nutritional quality of what goes into that lunchbox and this maybe even more important increase the chances that your kids will real really eat it right? The first tip or the first strategy is to involved your child, involve your child in every step of the way in the grocery store have them select the foods that you think are healthy that you want them to do. Involve them in the preparation, cutting up the fruit, putting it in the bag we know that the more your children directly engage and utilize all there senses is for interacting with the food. Smell, touch, taste, vision the more at they are to eat it. The second great tip is to know that color and variety make as eat. This is true, the deeper the richer to coloring food and the more variety in food in front of us, the more likely we are to one to eat it. So, how can you use this to your advantage, think about it what has lots of color fruits and vegetables are those good for you kids? Of course they are. So, one not to have a variety of fruits and vegetables in the lunchbox meaning instead of just having you know some baby carrots why not put a couple of baby carrots, a few great tomatoes some broccoli rest in the little bag right. Or preferred maybe you can have some oranges and some apple slices and maybe we can throw in some grapes. So, remember that the great strategy. The third one is know that whole fruits, you know if you for example put an apple in the lunchbox right. Whole fruits or an orange in the lunchbox, whole fruits frequently end up and in the trashcan. Kids want things easy— make it easy for them so please go ahead and slice up the apples, the pears, the oranges into little finger friendly pieces. We know the kids are more at to do it and a great little tip, if you do that which you should go ahead and get a little lemon juice and you can even buy you know you always use fresh the can is not in the plastic lemon. And spreads a little bit of that in and quickly over the fruit that you slice, it will keep it crisps and fresh that when they go to eat it four hours later is still nice and bright and white and not brown at all alright. The four things to remember as far as healthy lunchbox tips are helpful lunchbox tips. Is that you know kids love fun container. So why not put some raisins or other dried fruit or nuts and in out toy container. Or take them to the Dollar Store, Dollar Store has these tons of different cool containers that will fit well into a lunch box and let them pick them out right. The next thing is know that kids are sensitive to the presentation of food, no question about it. So you want to get more fruits and veggies in them, why not make a fruit of veggie Kabab. You can get little wooden skewers and you know thread on a variety of different fruits and a variety of different vegetables of course be sure to pop off those sharp ends and think about it when you like to open up your lunchbox and see that would not be exciting right versus just sing an apple sitting there right. So, keep things lovely and lastly, you know what keep the junk foods out because if it’s not there it’s not in option. How obvious is that one right, and remember as parents you play the star role in providing your kids healthy foods for ICYou this is Dr. Ann.