How to Organize your Purse
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Searching for your keys or your compact in that messy handbag is annoying. But, today organizing expert Rosemary Chieppo is helping us organize the clutter and keep us from losing our lip gloss and our minds.


Rhiannon Ally: For your keys or your compact in that messy handbag can be very annoying. But today, organizing expert Rosemary Chieppo is helping us organize the clutter and keep us from losing our lip gloss and our minds. As you can see my purse is a disaster. I should be embarrassed even letting anyone look inside, but today Rosemary is going to help clean it up, so I never lose anything ever again. First thing we need to do, Rosemary? Rosemary Chieppo: Dump everything out. And then we’re going to sort. We’re going to put light things with light things. Put all your paper together, all your pens, your writing or your make up together. So now we very quickly got some categories. So you want to containerize things. And these are things that you just have at home, like a gift with purchase, little containers, even zip lock bag is fine. Rhiannon Ally: You don’t have to buy. Rosemary Chieppo: You really don’t have to. I’m just going to king of put these, as long as they’re containerized. Put all your paper products in there. I also envision something like this, it's see through which is good. So we want to put your make up in here or your kind of toiletries, your comb. Rhiannon Ally: That’s perfect, so I can actually find them. Rosemary Chieppo: Yeah, I can fit in there, I think maybe it can. Now let me ask you, would you normally carry this with you because it will get all tangled? Rhiannon Ally: You probably shouldn’t. I can take it out. What about this? Rosemary Chieppo: Yeah, I would say maybe have one pen and one, then you have one of which. Rhiannon Ally: I don’t know why I have 15, but okay. Rosemary Chieppo: Okay your sunglasses, you always want them in a case. Now you see purses always have little compartments already. They mean for you to put your cell phone or a Blackberry right in there. Rhiannon Ally: Oh perfect, so I can put my phone? Rosemary Chieppo: Yes, that will fit right in there. Rhiannon Ally: Right in there. Rosemary Chieppo: I’m going to put you utensils right in this other little. Rhiannon Ally: So I can find those. So then kind of put the bigger stuff first. Rosemary Chieppo: Put it however it make sense to you, but you can see how we very quickly, we got rid of the few things. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, because I don’t really need those things. Rosemary Chieppo: You don’t, but that always happens, things accumulate. Rhiannon Ally: Okay, keys. I always lose my keys, I can never find them when it’s raining or just when I need them. Rosemary Chieppo: See, there’s another pocket. For me, that’s where I would put them, but always put them there when you’re done with them, so you know where they are. So we have very quickly brought some order, nothing is floating around. Rhiannon Ally: Right, a lot of order actually. I can't believe it, look at this, in just a few minutes my purse went from a disaster to this. Thank you so much, Rosemary. Rosemary Chieppo: You’re welcome. Rhiannon Ally: Looks great. For more organizing ideas from Rosemary, head to and click on the links tab.