How to organize Your Closet
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Pikke Allen teaches you how to organize your closet and put your clothes in order.


It doesn’t it feel like you never have enough space in your closet. Well, organization is the key. Here are some ways to organize your closet so you can get dress in the morning without distress. Think of your closet as your own personal filling cabinet. Put things together in a way that’s familiar to you. For example, file your tops and bottoms by color. That way when you’re getting dressed in the morning, it’s easy to put an outfit together. There are many ways to organize your accessories. I like to put them on shelves and make them dissemble so that I can put an outfit together. Put your seasonal outer wear in a separate area of your closet, satisfied an area that it’s just for alternation, repairs and cleaning. It’s easy to organize your closet so that you can simplify your life.