How to Open a Beer Bottle Using Your Teeth
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Learn how to open a beer bottle using your teeth in this video with Expert bartender Moe Harris.


Hello, my name is Moe Harris. Today I’m at the Professional Bartending School in Arlington, Virginia showing you how to open up bottles of beer without any bottle opener. Now, in the other clips I’ve showed you different objects that could open up a bottle of beer but what if you have no objects, if you got nothing, all you’ve got is yourself. Even yourself could be use as a bottle opener and right now I’m going to show you how to do this with your teeth. Now before I do this video a couple of things I’d like to tell you, one, you can chip your teeth. This one isn’t the one that I would recommend but if you really, really want to try it it’s not that difficult. It’s just a little risk and a chip on your teeth. The other things I have for you is if you’re bartending nobody wants you to sheave their beer in your mouth and then give them the beer. So this is probably going to be done for yourself. All I’m going to do lie we’ve done in all of the other clips is take the cap and hook into something. So far I’ve used the tin, I've used a bar top, I’ve used another bottle, right now, I’m going to hook it unto my bottom teeth. So I’m going to hook it right about there, the fulcrum part that’s going to be my top teeth. So I'm gong to bite down basically on just the cap. As for the lever and the pulling action that’s just going to be the bottle itself, we’re going to put straight up and hopefully the cap’s going to come off, the teeth are going to stay in place. Let’s give it a try. I might sound a little mumbly while this is in my mouth. We got a nice tight grip on the bottle like we always want. I got it, right there, hooked under my bottom teeth like at the top teeth, applying pressure to the top, we’re just going to pull—that’s how you open up a bottle of beer with your teeth.