How to Mix Pretzel Dough
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Making Pretzels - Learn how to mix the pretzel dough for an Auntie Anne's pretzel.


Hi, I'm Jay Stewart with Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels. I’m here today to show you how to make out delicious pretzels in your home. The first step is you’re going to take one and quarter cup water at 105 degrees. Very important, you don’t want it to get too hot otherwise it won’t activate the yeast or you’ll actually kill the yeast. Then we’re going to take one tablespoon of dry active yeast which you can find in our At Home Pretzel Kits, lightly sprinkle it. Very important, you want to wait two minutes before you add the pretzel mix. You’re going to pour the pouch of our At Home Pretzel Mix which can be found in all of our stores as well as our website. Once you have the pretzel mix and your water and yeast, you’re going to take one teaspoon of vegetable oil, put it right on top. Very important, always wash your hands before you start preparing your food. Once you have all the ingredients you can start to mix. And what you want to do here is form a dough ball. You want to get it all together and then we can put it on the counter and start to knead. And here you can get a little crazy at home. This is where I get my work out. You can use a bread machine. Bread machines do vary. If you do use one please do not exceed 15 minutes. You don’t want to overwork your dough that could result in a little tougher, chewier product. Now, once we get our dough ball form we’re going to place it on our counter and do this on your kitchen counter at home and we’re going to coat it with a little bit of flour and place your dough right on there. And then we’re going to continue to knead until we get smooth dough that we will then allow to rise 45 minutes. And as I mentioned before this is all exercise. So be sure to tell your doctor. Now, once we get our nice dough ball formed we’re going to move it over to another mixing bowl. Lightly spray with non-stick spray and we’ll place our dough with a warm damp towel and we’ll give it about 45 minutes to rise. I’ll be right back to show you how we roll our pretzels.