How to Manage your Sports Teams Online
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Learn how to manage your intramural sports teams online with


Hello everyone! This is Anthony Montalbano, here with and today's site, I have for you is This is a great site if you have any type of sport that you manage, such as Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, whatever. If you have like a schedule, you need to manage your players, track fees, see who can attend different games. It's just a great way to track like any type of intramural sports or some type of if you are like in a adult hockey team, such as I am. We use team snap for our Hockey team and it helps us to really keep track of who is going to able to play what games, who has paid up, and then we also able to track all of our team stats and see how everything is going. So, what I am going to do here, is just kind of log in here, I will show you what my account looks like and may be you guys can see what you can do with this as well. So, I am just going to click on it, 'Go to my team site'. Once you have set it up, you can see what sports you can use team snap with here. But I am just going to login here. So, we can click on Schedule and you can see all the games including the ones that we have already played and then some of the upcoming games as well down here at the bottom. So, what we like to do a lot of times is I would login, I could check the availability, you can see, who is going to be at the game here for each one. We have a couple of games left in the season, so we can see what's going here. I can check Payments to see who has paid up or I can see that I have already been paid my player fees when playing, I was a goalie, and my goalie fee will be here. So, there is also stats, you can see all the stats for our team here. So it keeps track of all of that as well. And then we can also upload some photos and files as well for our different games and may be some highlights and something like that. But if you are looking for a tool to manage not just hockey, let me just show you, let me go right back here at you can see here, they have a whole punch of different sports you can manage here. So, for instances if you wanted to do, they got some -- I mean, even down there, I don't know what this says but if you want to do like football here, you can keep track of that, and the whole thing will be tailored towards a Football team. So, basically that's for Team Snap is. It's a great way to manage any of your extra curricular activity teams. So, that's all, that's Anthony Montalbano here with and I will talk to you guys again, soon.