How To Manage Your Family With A Sick Child
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In this video, we learn some basic tips for children health care, such as how to manage your family with a sick child


Host: What are the some ways parents can manage the rest of the family while one child is sick? Robin Vick: Under the best circumstances an ill child is going to create a situation of stress. A parent is naturally going to really worry if their child is sick. It's important that we talk about families and caretakers having a network of friends and other types of support systems to help them to take over some of their responsibilities that maybe neglected when that particular person is managing the illness of the child. The rest of the family has to go on and other children don't want to be feeling neglected and parents don't want to be overtaxed. So ask for help from a spouse or a partner or a friend who can help partners by telling them specific things. I really would love for you to be able to help me with the other children or could you help me by doing the laundry or could you do this errand for me? Helping to be able to clarify what your needs are as the caretaker will help to just even out that burden on you when you are managing a situation. Also it's important to know what to do with the other kids. If the kids are well, we want to absolutely keep them that way and that can be tough, especially in families where the kids want to be the part of taking care of their sibling or the environment is one where family members are often very close together. The basic recommendations are just hand washing, hand washing. It's just the key to keeping germs from being transmitted from one child to the next and allowing the well kids the opportunity to offer help to the ill child, but not necessarily to be there, to play with them in the periods where there might be some illness communicated. Let them know that it's a special time in the life of their sibling and that they need to stay quiet and they need to get rest and they need to -- the other kids need to stay well.