How to Manage Defined Names in Excel 2007
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In this Excel 2007 tutorial, learn how to manage your defined names to keep them organized and ready to go when you need to refer to them in a formula or comment.


Once you have defined names for your cells or your cell ranges in excel workbook, then you may find the need to manage those names. Go ahead and click on the formulas tab, and then the defined the name section. Go ahead and click on the name manager, it will bring up the name manager. Now this is another place where you can add a new name to be defined and it will bring up in the new box. You can also click on an existing name that you have added and you can edit it, will take you back to the edit name box. You can also delete if you no longer want to have one of these names and you can also filter this. You can filter it base on the name scope in the worksheet or the workbook, anything that has errors or doesn’t have errors the defined names and the table names. You can also quickly change the references down here. And then when you’re done managing your names, just click on the close button and it will close the name manager.