How to Make Your Home Safe from Fire
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Fires in the home result in more deaths among children than anything else, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. In this film, they have some good advice, for new parents, on making the home safe.


Roger Vincent: Fires result in more deaths in the home along children than anything else, and there are terrible tragedies are heart rending stories when these things happened. The first thing you need to be sure always that you have a fire guard, and that fire guard is fitted and secured correctly. Sally Anne Taylor: In the launch I've got a fire guard and make sure that's up all the time, now I need from they have, the fire hasn't if the child burning themselves, but because its a slight tough and this charcoal as so they have to be protected as well, so the fire guards up all the time its never, dismantle and tie taken down, its that the safety of my childrens so that I get burned to help themselves in any way. I work with children and I have seen children that have been hurt by you know touching fire and hurt themselves on fire places, so they are really necessitate you know to have to keep your children safe. Roger Vincent: It is important particularly if you have a small kids to keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children, and look out for anybody who comes to stay with you with much smoke who might not be aware of those dangers for children. If you have candles around your home never leave them un attended make sure that way of many thing which can catch fire, lot curtains, and a child shouldn't never be left in a room with the matches candle, and always put the mat before you go to bed. But if a fire breaks out having the smoke alone will be a big health people with smoke -- have a much greater chance of surviving the fire, but one of the biggest difficulties we be faces, parents removing the batteries smoke alone. It may be because the Childs toys run out of the battery and that take it out to use, for that reason. Or it might be just annoying when the dust burns and this might starts the alarm, but we do have to advice people not to remove the battery under any circumstances, because people forget to put them back in and we keep hearing this fires were the smoke alone is fitted but it is not working correctly, you don't want to frighten children about the dangerous around the home, you want to explain to them what those dangers are and what can go wrong, if for instance like pick up the match, and spark it, and setting the good example, yourself will be one of the best lessons that you can give your children.