How to Make Yakety Yak. Art of the Drink 46#
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Art of the Drink returns for its second year with a grown-up version of the classic New York egg cream!


[Music Playing] Anthony: Welcome to the Art of the Drink my name is Anthony Caporale and we are so excited to be premiering our second year from our new studio space in the green room lounge at the John W. Engeman theatre in North Port New York. [Music Playing] Anthony: We are also thrilled to be working with a new drink art girl Carolyn, how are you dear? Carolyn: I am great, how are you? Anthony: Good, thank you so much for being with us. Carolyn: Absolutely it is my pleasure. Anthony: Okay so in honor of the theater, the John W. Engeman theatre I want to have them create a new drink for the show that we are currently doing which is Smokey Joes Café and for those of you who are not familiar with Smokey Joes Café. It is a musical review of the songs of Liber and Stoler so Carolyn who are they? Carolyn: They are pretty much the guys who revolutionized music as we know it in the 50’s and 60’s everything that the music world new became something completely different and now we have songs like Stand By Me and Poison Ivy and all those. Anthony: All the great rock and roll and RnB classics of the fifties, exactly so again their music is very closely associated with the 50s so I want to have them created several drinks for the green room here. One of which I want to bring to you today and it is named after one of their most popular songs called Yakety Yak and I based it on another thing closely associated with the 50s which is an egg cream which is a type of drink that used to be sold in soda fountains. Now soda fountains are kind of thin on the ground now, most people do not know what an egg cream is. It is definitely a New York drink. Another reason that I went ahead and picked it so what I want to do is first show you how to make a traditional egg cream and then I am going to show you how to make the art of the drink version of the egg cream which is kind of like an egg cream for adults. All right, so let us start with a real New York egg cream and a New York egg cream has three ingredients in it always. It always has chocolate syrup, always has milk and it always has soda water and again it was made in a soda fountain back in the day when you would actually they called the jerk the soda. Like you see, beer towers but they actually had soda coming out of them and that would froth up the milk, so I will show you how you do that. First thing you want to do is get some chocolate syrup and put about two good tablespoons of chocolate syrup in there. Again, depending on how chocolaty you like it and I like things pretty darned chocolaty so about two tablespoons of chocolate syrup and then you want to take about three or four ounces of milk, just about half way up the rest of the glass with milk. Now at this point you could stir it if you like and you can get all the kind of chocolate up and corporate that in that. But I like to leave it the way it is for right now and go ahead and put the soda in and the soda as I said, it is going to give you a nice frothy head that looks kind of like whipped egg whites, which is why a lot of people think it is called an egg cream. There is still a lot of debate about that but probably not why it is called an egg cream. A lot of people think there are eggs in it, there is no egg in it. This is a traditional New York egg cream, now what you are supposed to do at this point is take a straw and stir this bad boy up before you drink it and that is going to give you several different colors and several different flavors throughout the drink. You have this nice creamy frothy top of the head and then you have basically chocolate milk with soda water in it and then you have a nice reserve of chocolate syrup down the bottom. That is a classic New York egg cream. Now what I am going to have you make is the art of the drink version, which again is called the Yakety Yak in honor of Smokey Joes Café at the Engeman theatre. Are you going to try? Carolyn: Absolutely. Anthony: All right. Each week our art of the drink video podcast price package will consist of a Makers Mark apron, a copy of my Art of the Drin