How to Make the Perfect Pot of Tea
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Have you tried these great tricks on how to brew the PERFECT pot of tea?


Bea Broda: Sometimes a cup of tea tastes excellent and other times we wondered just what went wrong and actually it’s a bit of a lost art. Today, we have with us Charles MacPherson who’s the president and founder of the Academy for Butlers & Household Managers and it’s good to have you here. Charles MacPherson: Thank you. It’s a pleasure and honor to be with you. Bea Broda: Tell us how to make tea the right way? Charles MacPherson: Well, we have a couple of steps. It’s very important but it’s actually quite simple. So, the first thing if I may ask if you could pour some hot water in the tea pot because what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually heat the teapot because the teapot if it’s cold when you ultimately go to make your tea it is going to reduce the temperature of tea. So, we’d put from hot water as you see. We’re going swirl it around. We’re going to let it sit there for 30 seconds and then we’re going to empty the teapot. Bea Broda: Okay, so you could also take a shortcut with that and maybe put it on an element for a minute. Charles MacPherson: It’s really better to use hot water because that’s going to heat the whole teapot and then when you pour it out it’s going to heat the spout. Bea Broda: Okay. Charles MacPherson: So, now that we’ve got our teapot nice and hot, we’re going to add tea bags now. You can use tea bags or real leaf tea whichever is your preference. Today, we’re going to use tea bags. And so we’re going to put the tea bags in but still not the hot water. We’re going to actually close it and we’re going to let the tea leaf sit in there for about 30 seconds so the oils can start to actually warm up. Bea Broda: See that’s the point I didn’t know at all. Charles MacPherson: And it actually is going to make a big difference in the flavor of the tea. So now that we’ve had the tea sitting in the hot pot for 30 seconds, now we’re going to add some hot water and of course we've had it boiling but now it’s just hot because we don’t want this actually boiling water. Bea Broda: And why is that? Charles MacPherson: Because that actually will burn the tea leaves. Bea Broda: I see. Charles MacPherson: So now that we filled our pot, put the lid back on and now we’d have to be patient. Bea Broda: How long do we have to be patient? Charles MacPherson: So, the best thing is three to four minutes. So, right now that the tea is actually steaming. But after three to four minutes, we’re actually going to make a tea bag out because otherwise the tea will go bitter. Bea Broda: I see. Charles MacPherson: So, that’s really important. So now that we’ve kind of been waiting. Bea Broda: Is it ready? Charles MacPherson: Let’s have a little peak inside, it’s looking good. Bea Broda: Good. Charles MacPherson: Okay, so now let’s remove the bag. Bea Broda: And we have tea. Charles MacPherson: Exactly. Perfect. We’ll put the lid back on and may I offer you some tea. Bea Broda: I would love some. Charles MacPherson: Perfect. Look at the color of that tea. Bea Broda: It’s beautiful this is a regular orange pickle tea. Charles MacPherson: It is, enjoy. Bea Broda: Thank you very much, it’s tea time.