How to Make Sunset Pousse-Café. Art of the Drink 9#
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Midsummer is here and Anthony pays tribute with his spectacular flaming Sunset Pousse-Café! He and Rachel take you through layering and lighting a cordial.


[Music Playing] Anthony: Welcome to the art of the drink video Podcast. My name is Anthony Caporale. With us again this week is Rachel. Rachel: Hello! Anthony: How are you honey? Rachel: I am good. Anthony: All right so this week, we have to stretch a little bit. The only thing that I could find going on was a Summer Solstiss. Rachel: We can work with that. Anthony: Yes, longest day of the year, good stuff. Rachel: I hear we get to light something on fire. So I apparently, we have did pretty well with that. Anthony: We are going to light something on fire because -- right, because the sun is involved. Rachel: Right, it is hot. [Laughing] Anthony: So what I am going to do is this week, we are going over a technique called layering, [bang sound] and we are going to make a type of drink called a Pousse Café layered drinks. Drinks that are actually, they rely on the different specific gravities of the liquors. Now, that sounds a little complicated but it just means that the liquors weight differently one from the other. Rachel: But if you can pull it off, Anthony: Yes, and the layering, you can actually build layers in the glass and it is beautiful. The most famous one, can you think of it? Rachel: B-52. Anthony: B-52, exactly. That is one most people are familiar with. We are actually going to do a five layer Pousse Café, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and then, we are going to set it on fire. [Laughing] Rachel: Yes! Anthony: And I call this the Sunset Pousse Café again because something about the -- Rachel: Sun high fire, let us go! [Music Playing] Anthony: So let us start with the quarter glass. The whole key with layering, what I am going to do is I am going to set the spoon in the glass, alright? And make a nice ramp for the liquor. And then, I am going to brace my hand up against the glass and the spoon. So, now I can control. See I am controlling the spoon running up and down the glass like that? Next, the whole key that is going to make this thing work, we start with grenadine alright? And I am going to pour -- you do not have to pour the grenadine down the spoon but I am set up for it anyway so I am going to -- I am going to pour about a half ounce of grenadine into the glass. Rachel: Is that the fire? Anthony: Yeah sure. Rachel: [Laughing] Anthony: And I am going to take coffee liquor, and I will pour the coffee liquor nice and close to the spoon, real slow and I will pour it right down the side of the glass. And again, I am going to pour just about half ounce of coffee liquor into the glass and you can see that I am getting a nice layer of coffee liquor. Now, I am going to use crème de banana, and the other thing you want to do in addition to finding liquors that will layer is you want to get liquor with contrasting colors so that you can see the layers. And now we have the crème de banana on top of the coffee liquor. Rachel: Oh, yes. Anthony: All right, and Irish cream. Everybody loves Irish cream. People think that Irish cream is heavy but as you can see it is the fourth one that I am pouring in which means, it is actually light. Rachel: There you go. Anthony: Yup, and I will pour the Irish cream about a half ounce and you can see that forms a nice pool on top, and I am going to finish it with brandy. Just plain old regular brandy and about a half ounce again down the spoon. You do not want to pour too fast so you will break your layers. Rachel: Five very distinct layers. Anthony: Five very distinct layers. Rachel: Let us do it! [Voice overlap and laughing] Anthony: Not all alcohols will burn. Brandy will burn; you have to heat it up first. Generally, anything that is over a 100 proof will burn as a rule of thumb. So what I am going to do is take a nice long handled lighter, and I am going to wave it down in there and the brandy is not going to light right away. It is going to heat up first. Once the brandy reaches the right temperature, then it is going to start to burn and you can tell when the flame turns blue that the brandy is burning. And you can extinguish it just by blowing it out, all right? Rachel: Beautiful. Anthony: It warms up the drink; brings all the flavor out, takes some of the bite out the brandy and I would not recommend that you shoot this drink. This is not a shot; this is a drink that you are supposed to sip. Rachel: After dinner? Anthony: After dinner drink. Sunset Pousse Café, want to make one? Rachel: Yes! Anthony: [Laughing] Rachel: So, I get to light in on fire? Anthony: Yes, of course. Rachel: Let us go. [Music Playing] Rachel: Let us get into position. Anthony: Okay. And again, set your spoon first. Rachel: Okay. Anthony: Get your spoon in there. Rachel: Now, half inch, I am sorry, Anthony: Half ounce. Rachel: Half ounce. Anthony: half inch, not ounce. Rachel: Maybe of everything. Anthony: Of everything. Rachel: Easy to remember. Anthony: Easy to remember. And again, this is one of the more advanced drinks, it is all about technique. Layering is only a part of it, the other part of it is getting your layers even because you want the layers all be about the same thickness. So, you got to watch the spoon, the bottle and the layer, it is kind of really hard, but you are doing great. Look at that? It does it for you. And, you are perfect, fantastic. Rachel: Banana? Anthony: Banana. That is good, that is fine. Rachel: So fast. Anthony: That is all right. It is a little fast. Rachel: I am going to break my layers. Anthony: It is a little fast but gravity is amazing, everything will work out. And if ever you do make one of these drinks and you do not get the layers exactly right, let it sit for about ten minutes and everything again, like I said, gravity will pull everything right to where it is supposed to be and the drink will fix itself. You are doing great. Look at that? That is gorgeous. Rachel: I am a champ! Anthony: Yes, now you have to pull the spoon up a little bit because you want the spoon to be above the top -- there you go. And nice and slow with the brandy, look at that? Fantastic! Look at that? And you can see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Rachel: Not quite even, but -- Anthony: Like the jewel line thread, beautiful. All right, let us see if you can light it on fire. Rachel: [Laughing] I think I can handle that. Anthony: [Laughing] Rachel: Okay. Anthony: And yes, really get it in there and work it around and you have to keep it in. I would probably say goodbye 10 seconds until the brandy heats up enough to start to burn. You really got to look because it is a very pale blue flame. So, you really got to look and make sure that if you think that it is out, please look real close and make sure you have actually fired it out. Rachel: Yes! Anthony: Nice work, okay? Rachel: All right. Anthony: And then just blow it out, very nice. Rachel: [Laughing] Happy Solstiss! Anthony: Happy Solstiss. [Music Playing] Rachel: So, I get to light it on fire? For more information on the art of making drinks, be sure to visit us on the web at Man: take that. That was excellent. Rachel: Let us get into position. Anthony: Okay. [Music Playing] Anthony: All right, I will see if you can light it on fire. Rachel: [Laughing] I think I can handle that. Anthony: You have to push the button to safety lighter. Hey, [laughing] you are going to be lighting things on fire, you want to be safe. You want me to do it? Rachel: I got it. Anthony: There you go. [Laughing] [Music Playing]