How to Make Sugar Free Lemonade
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Your host Thom King shows you how to make Sugar Free Lemonade. Your kids will love it and will never know that it has no added sugar and it is made with stevia. Did you know lemonade has more that six tablespoons of sugar? Make with stevia instead!


Some will show you how to make lemonade. But hey, check this out okay. One glass of lemonade, 6 tablespoons of sugar. Do you really want to give that to your kids? I’m going to show you how to make lemonade, no sugar. Give it to your kids, they won’t be running around like a bunch of banshees. So let’s get started. What we’re going to do is I’ve got 4 lemons, okay. And lemons should be the main stay of any kitchen because they’re high in vitamin C, high in anti-oxidants. You use them, instead of salt so you can cut down your sodium. Lemons are awesome. So we’re going to cut these lemons in half it’s pretty easy. You make sure you have a sharp knife, don’t cut yourself. Use a cutting board so you’re not cutting up your counter top. And we’re going to put them through a juice press. If you don’t have one of these juice presses, I totally recommend that you get one. I’m not trying to say you want them but I love this and had it for years. You can get them in any cooking store. You might even be able to find one on ebay. But I would definitely invest in one of those, because as you can see, it squeezes out like every drop. So let’s throw those in the sink, maybe compost those, they make great compost. So we’re pressing these. So, strains the seeds out for you, you can’t beat that. Pretty easy to use. It’s almost like you get a little workout pressing them. And there you go. You’ve got, actually we have more than enough to make our 64 oz. pitcher right here of lemonade. There. So, we’ve got this lemons all finished, so what we’re going to do is instead of using all of these sugar. What we’re going to do is we’re going to use this. This is Steviva extract powder. This Steviva extract powder is about 300 times sweeter than sugar. 1/8 of a teaspoon equals 1 cup of sugar. So, basically, this comes with a little serving spoon, but the size’s right here, we’re going to go ahead, we’re going to put one, two, three little serving spoons in there that should do it. Plenty sweet. And then we’re going to have a half a cup of our juice, nice and pulpy, if you like it that way, and pour it in there. And then you know what, let’s add some water. Just filling her up with water. You can use tap water, filtered water, whatever water that you know works. Leave some room in it, like I did just right here for some ice. What you can use is one of these wooden spoons. You probably spank your kids with it, but if you don’t, you can use it to stir. But I actually like to use this, it’s a little like hand mixer and stuff like that, gets your job done. Pretty cool. Yes there you go. And the next step, let’s add some ice. Let’s cool this down here. So, probably got about 5 or 6 cups of ice here, fill it up. There you go. You know maybe give it a little stir. You’ve got lemonade. Kids won’t be able to tell it’s not made with sugar. So, let’s have a glass, see how it is. Yes. And here you go, you have a delicious, sugar free glass of ice cold lemonade without all of that added sugar. I can show you how to make it, but I can’t show you how it tastes. So I suggest you go to the website at and try some yourself. And if you’re not a hundred percent happy with it, send it back to us, we’ll refund your money in full. Here’s to you.