How to Make Stuffing for Chicken or Turkey During Seder
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Learn how to make stuffing for chicken or turkey during seder.


Sheilah Kaufman: Hi! I’m Sheilah Kaufman and I’m here to take you through a traditional Seder. We’re going to begin by making turkey or chicken to my favorite things to prepare for the holiday. The secret of my sure success moist turkey or my sure success moist chicken is they get pasted the night before. So, in this bowl we have five tablespoon of paprika, three tablespoon of salt, three tablespoons of pepper, three tablespoons of garlic powder and a teaspoon of a poultry seasoning. Now, I prepared this turkey last night so that you can see that a lot of this paste disappears overnight, it goes into the meat all way to the bone it’s going to keep the turkey very moist, now more cardboard turkey. We’re going to add enough hot water to literally make mad so, you want to not put too much in. you want to stir it around until you have mud. And use another drop I think, take your ring as off. When you’re having your mud, you’re going rub it all over your turkey or your chickens. You want to make sure you do inside the body cavity, underneath especially if you have a turkey you want to make sure your doing inside the neck cavity because that’s where I put stuffing as well as in the cavity. Now, the amount I’ve told you about the five tablespoons makes enough for 20 pound turkey. So, you’re just making small chicken or turkey breast you won’t need to use all of your paste spices, you will have some left in the refrigerator for another time. So, this is our chicken when it’s pasted and I would cover it up until the day I’m going to cook it. This is what its look like the next day after it’s sat all night and you can see a lot of the pasting has disappeared. Now, I am going to go to wash my hands and then we’re going to make stuffing. Last night I started my stuffing, my of cooking is easy, elegant, and fearless, and fast less so I like to do as much ahead as I can. I crumbled my matzo and my put it in the bowl and lifted out. I chopped my onions last night and left them in the refrigerator, I slice my celery always on the diagonal because then you don’t have any shreds and I peeled my carrots now, let’s begin to sauté. I’ve heated up butter or margarine depending on whether your culture or not and when it’s melted and it’s begin to sizzle I always start with the onions. So, we’re going to stir the onions for about three minutes. Always have extra margarine or cooking oil or butter ready because onions and mushroom like to drink up all of the fat they can that’s why you want to have your pot hot and your butter, margarine or oil sizzling. So, we’re just dumping and now the pot is ready for the celery, we don’t have to stir and mix this yet. So, now we’re going to sauté the celery for three to five minutes and then we’re going to dumping in with the matzo and the onions. Now, the interesting thing about this stuffing is I’m not adding any salt or pepper, all of that was in the pasting and I don’t like a lot of salt and it’s not necessary as the turkey or the chicken cook. The best thing will carry the spices through the meat, through the bones and into the stuffing and then out into the gravy. The celery gets really shiny, after a couple of minutes and we’re just going to dump it in the bowl with the onions so, it’s just going to set there. Finally, because mushrooms drinks up so much fat we’re going to add some more to the pan. Let it melts and heat up for a minute and add them I put a lot of extra mushrooms I personally like them. Again, you don’t have to cook any of these vegetables very long because they’re going to be in the turkey for quite a while and they’re going to get very, very moist. So, our mushrooms are just about done and we’re going to get back and stuff the turkey. Now, we’re ready to stuff now, pour the stuffing into a bigger bowl because this make so much and the secret ingredients into my stuffing is I peel in three or four carrots, carrots have sugar I have a sweet too and this make the stuffing really great. Now, if you wanted to add other things to the stuffing you could, some people like to put liver in or gizzards. Remember, we’re not going to season this, all the seasoning is already on the birds you’re just going to mix this up and we’re going to stuff. Okay, so, again I’m just going to mix the carrots in, take off your rings and get ready to stuff. First you’re going to stuff the chicken, so just grab it with your hands and stuff the bird and then we’re going to do the neck cavity. If some of the stuffing gets out on the pan doesn’t matter just season the gravy so, now we’re going to turn it around it’s not much room in this snack so we’re just going to put a little bit mostly is held by the skin. Okay, now for the turkey breast since it doesn’t really have a cavity I bought a stuffing bag but you’ve done even have to use this you can either use nothing or some cheese. So, we’re just going to put as much stuffing as possible into the stuffing bag, you can make one of this by just taking some cheese and safety pin the in end or saw in the ends together if you’ve like in this way nothing goes to waste. And it’s easy for serving and it’s also easy for clean up. So, here is our stuffing bag and all I am going to do is put this under the turkey breast. Just going to put the breast on top and that’s it. Now the last trick to my sure success moist turkey is the basting. So, I’ve got the couple of white wine or you could use a cup of water and a stick of melted margarine or butter. Just mix them all together for them over the turkey, over the chicken and you will end up with just quarts of gravy. And going to pour some on the stuffing bag and what I do then is I’m going to make a loss tent of tent foil for the turkey so we’re just going to take our tent foil in very loosely, cover a half and then very loosely cover the other half because we’re going to base it occasionally remember. And this pot has a lead I’m just going to put it on and we’re going to take this to our pre-heated 350 degree oven and we’re going to come back and do some more. The chicken is just come out of the oven, the turkey is still in there and needs another hour so chicken took about an hour to 40 minutes to decide that I had, look at the beautiful color. Look at all the natural gravy, I don’t take in it with anything, it’s going to be moist and tasty and the stuffing is going to be fabulous. Next, we’re going to do the Pineapple Kugel so stay tune.