How to Make Stuffed Dog Toy Using Jerky
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Learn how to make homemade stuffed dog toys - How to Stuff an Activity Toy Using Jerky.


Hi! I’m Victoria Schade, I’m a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and the Creator of the Puppy Training DVD New Puppy! Now What? Today, I’m showing you a couple of recipes, different things you could put inside activity toys like these that will keep your dog constructively busy. This little recipe is something I like to call Who you calling Jerky? And it’s a just a bunch of commercially available dog treats packed very tightly into the activity toy, and that’s the key, this is a more advanced type of activity toy because its going to be harder to unpack. So, this is just a jerky treat that I got at my local pet retailer. You’re going to stuff them in nice and tightly, and as I said, this is a more advanced activity toy because it’s going to be harder for the dog to unpack. So, I start it off with those hard jerky treats and I’m going to stuff some softer liver treats in the middle section, and then, the part that makes it extra difficult is you take a flat jerky treat like this and put it across to the mouth of the activity toy. So, nothing is going to come out unless that dog really works hard. This is a more advanced activity toy but definitely one that will be much loved. Have fun!