How to Make Stuffed Dog Toy Using Cheese
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Learn how to make homemade stuffed dog toys - How to Stuff an Activity Toy Using Cheese.


Hi! I am Victoria Schade, I am a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and the Creator of the Puppy Training DVD New Puppy! Now What? Today, I am showing you how to stuff activity toys like this one. Which are a great way to keep your dog constructively occupied. Now this next recipe is something I call Behold the power of cheese, not very healthy but much beloved. So, just how it sounds you start off with cheese. Couple of nice cheese slices down at the bottom, now, this is a more advanced kind of activity toy because the opening is actually pretty small. So, we’re stuffing some nice cheese pieces down at the bottom, this I think is favorite part of this particular activity toy, the easy cheese. So, we’re going to spray some in the middle and again you don’t have to worry about the mess that much because you have the cheese slices in the bottom holding the messy cheese inside, and then I am going to top it off with some sliced cheese pieces which will kind of act as a barrier at the opening of the activity toy. Yes, it’s messy and yes it does get under your fingernails, but that has the fun this is Behold the power of cheese, and I think your dog is going to love it. Have fun!