How to Make Singapore Sling. Art of the Drink 50
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Art of the Drink celebrates its 50th episode with a Singapore Sling!


[Music Playing] Art of the Drink Classic Cocktails: Singapore Sling Anthony: Welcome to Art of the Drink my name is Anthony Caporale and we unfortunately are at our last week with Carolyn—I know. Thank you did you have a good time? Carolyn: I had a wonderful time. Anthony: We are going to wrap up with another really, really classic drink that I am making ones again. By viewer request, several people have emailed me that I want to see this drink for a long time. This is called the Singapore Sling. [Music Playing] Anthony: And it is a great drink to do for Art of the Drink because it is one of those drinks that the recipe that is out there, that most people get when they order Singapore Sling does not always have a lot to do with the original recipe. But we have actually lost the original recipe. The Singapore Sling was actually invented around 1910 as a little bit debate in the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. And the original recipe was passed down verbally. They actually have a recipe printed there but it is the result of like several bartenders remembering kind of how it used to be made also. But that is the recipe that we are going to do here for you. If you have not had a real Singapore Sling, with this recipe, go ahead and try one of this. So it is a tremendously popular drink you can get it just about any bar that you walked into. The bartender should be able to make it, but go ahead and see if he make it like this. So it is always in a tall glass and I am going to go ahead and start by filling this glass with ice. And the base ingredient of this drink is gin, so I am going to put an ounce and a quarter of gin in there. And then I am going to put a half ounce of cherry brandy. And this is one of the things that most people leave out. I am going to put half ounce of cherry brandy. About a quarter ounce of triplesec, just a little bit. And then a quarter ounce of Benedictine which is another thing that most people leave out, and Benedictine is actually an herb Liqueur with a cognac base. And I put a quarter ounce and it is just in there to—kind of give a—just a suggestion of Benedictine flavor. But it really needs to be in there in order to taste like an authentic Singapore Sling. And then the next thing that we will do is take a lime and I want the juice of one half a lime in there, so I am just going to roll it out real quick, and juice half of the lime. Now you can use sweetened lime juice but I do not recommend that. I like fresh juice whenever you can use it. So I will just juice that lime in there real nice. And then the main mixer on this drink is pineapple juice. So I am going to put a couple ounces of pineapple juice in there. And then just about two dashes of bitters. And not just cut the sweetness, and I am going to shake it now and I do not want to over shake this drink. I want this to be real froppy. I just want to mix the ingredients, chill them down a little bit, and air it just a bit. [Demo] Anthony: And the last thing that I am going to do is take some Grenadine and just drizzle the grenadine over the top. Now you can add the Grenadine before you shake it, but I like to do it after especially with fruit drinks because you get this terrific cascading effect to the drink. And the garnish on this is what we call a flag in the industry and that is a slice of orange and a cherry. And I just thread the cherry through the arm slice, and I set the whole thing right on the rim. And I top it of with a straw. [Demo] Anthony: Okay and that is a Singapore Sling. Ready to give it a try? Carolyn: Absolutely! Male: Each week our Art of the Drink video Podcast price package will consist of a Maker’s Mark apron, a copy of my Art of the Drink volume one bar essentials DVD, and a limited edition version of That Special Touch. A Maker’s Mark cookbook not available in stores. Anthony: Good. Nice tall glass and a big scoop of ice in the glass. Carolyn: Okay [Demo] Anthony: Good. Good. Right to the top. Beautiful. So first thing, ounce and a quarter of gin. Good, one half ounce of cherry brandy. Perfect. About a